What is the Dream Builder Program?

What is the Dream Builder Program? – Dream Builder Review

Hi! Are you looking to learn What is the Dream Builder Program?

They have free online training for women to help them learn how to start and grow their own business.

Please do not confuse it with Mary Morrissey Dream Builder Program, which is a totally different thing.

In this Dream Builder review, I will go into the program details so that you can determine if it worths investing your time and effort.

Dream Builder OverviewWhat is the Dream Builder Program? - Dream Builder Logo

Full Name: Dream Builder

Type: Online Education Platform

Website: https://dreambuilder.org/

Owner: Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

Price to Join: Free

WellDoneAffiliate.com Rating:

Recommended? No

While I believe Dream Builder might be a great program to follow, I haven’t made my time to actually go through it at the moment since I have found a few drawbacks in it, comparing to the training I have already taken.

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What is the Dream Builder?What is the Dream Builder Program? - The Logo 1

Dream Builder is an online education platform that was designed specifically for girls and women to teach them the basic aspects of starting and developing a business of their own.

The final goal of this program is to empower women to participate in economic development, by having access to greater levels of prosperity.

According to DreamBuilder.org, more and more people are joining this platform, and as of the day of this writing, there had been 60 000 enrolled people on the 5th of April 2020, only.

But I have visited the website the other day, and it showed that same number, so it’s not either growing nor decreasing.

They support most of the countries. Although mine wasn’t listed, I have selected the option “Other” and I was good to go.

If you want to see how the registration process goes, as well as some general instructions, you may wish to watch the Youtube video below:


Who Is The Founder?What is the Dream Builder Program? - Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

Dream Builder is powered by the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation, which is in its turn, a premier natural resource company that has taken all the expenses of the Dream Builder creation process.

Dream Builder was created with the help of Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Bluedrop Performance Learning.

How does Dream Builder Work?

There are two programs that you can choose from the Dream Builder online education platform:

#1. The Dream Builder Program

The Dream Builder Program is the most extensive one and it consists of 13 interactive courses with the following topics:

#1. Start Your Dream

In this lesson, you are going to be given an introduction to the entrepreneurial world, its advantages, and disadvantages, rewards, and challenges, so that you can determine right from the beginning if this is still what you want to do in your life.

They are also touching such aspects as traits of a successful entrepreneur, to give you a clear picture of what you’ll eventually make yourself to become if you are not in that position yet.

#2. Exploring Your Dream

At this stage, everything that is related to your business idea starts taking shape.

Here you will learn to share it with other people in order to get some feedback on it, to eventually make some of the needed adjustments.

Also, you will start to research your niche, learn about your customers and competitors, and look for some of the laws and regulations that may apply to your business idea.

#3. Planning Your Dream

A good business idea needs a well-elaborated business plan.

In this Planning Your Dream lesson, you’ll learn about the importance of having such a plan, review different sections or components of a business plan, and explore some ways it can guide your decision-making process.


What is the Dream Builder Program? - Business Plan Course


Also, here you will find a Business Plan tool generator, as well as some other resources, and will learn how to use them to actually create a business map for your idea.

#4. Making Your Dream

In this step, you’ll identify the type of business you will start to grow: a product-based business, a service-based business, or a combined product and service-based business.

You will be guided through all of the steps and activities required to make your product or deliver your service.

#5. Marketing Your Dream

Here comes my favorite part – the marketing aspects. Having a great business plan, or already developed good product or service is only half of the road.

There follows a part where you’ll want to market your business and introduce it to your target audience.

Knowing how to find your target audience and how to communicate with it, how to deliver your main message through branding and positioning is an essential part of the success, and you will learn how to do that using online and digital marketing.

Most likely, you are going to need web hosting services, to create an online presence of your brand, set up business accounts with social media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., to start marketing your business to your targeted audience.

#6. Pricing Your Dream

In this lesson, you’ll have to deal a lot with figures and numbers.

If you used to be good at math in high school, it should help you a lot with the tasks in this lesson.


What is the Dream Builder Program? - Pricing Course


Thus, you will learn how to set prices for your service or product.

In order to be able to do that, you will think about the value customers get from your product or service and the price they are willing to pay.

You will learn how to calculate costs and decide on pricing that works for your business, by reviewing the difference between direct and indirect costs and consider what you can do if your costs are too high.

Finally, you will want to make sure that your pricing fits with your marketing message.

#7. Selling Your Dream

This will be going to be the lesson dedicated to sales.

Any business out there that is focused either on delivering products or services, in order to be successful at its fullest potential and in the long run, needs a lifetime value and customer service.


What is the Dream Builder Program? - The Need of Customer Service


Here is where you’ll think about instructing every employee you have to be a sales-minded person and explore the benefits of establishing a customer service team.

#8. Managing Your Dream

Managing Your Dream will be focused on developing your management skills, both people/employee management, as well as time, money and information management.

You will learn how to deal with the good and bad employees, as well as with your family members in case if you decide to hire them in your business.

#9. Profiting From Your Dream

Is your business profitable? At first sight, it might seem easy to determine that, by a simple formula: your income – your costs = your profit, right?

In this course, you will learn a lot more aspects of how to determine if your business is earning a profit.

If you regretfully ascertain that your business isn’t profitable, you will learn what to do to change things to better.

#10. Keeping Track of your Dream

This section is all about tracking the money that flows in and out of your business, or in other words, bookkeeping and accountability.

You are going to learn here a bunch of the related terms and processes which are alone a subject of a separate science.

#11. Funding Your Dream

Is it possible to do business without having to invest money into it? Heck, no!


What is the Dream Builder Program? - Funding Your Dream Course


In this Funding Your Dream course, you will think about how much money you really need to start and grow your business.

You will learn about different sources of funding, and how your business plan can help you get funding.

#12. Formalizing Your Dream

In this course, you will explore the legal considerations involved in starting or growing a business.

You will learn about contracts and agreements and experts who provide guidance with these documents. You will explore possible legal structures for your business.

You will review the importance of complying with laws and regulations and dealing with risk.

#13. Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

In this final course, you will learn how to create an Action Plan and how it can help guide your business.

Last, but not the least, you will work on setting goals and identifying potential challenges, consider how to leverage your allies and resources and create an Advisory Board and the timeline for launch.



What is the Dream Builder Program? - DreamBuilder Program


Each of the courses is locked so that you’ll need to go through them in order, one after another.

If you want to choose the one that you want to start with, you’ll only have one option: start with course #1.

There is no way for you to jump between the courses, you can only see the description of them, but you will be able to actually go through any of the courses only when you will be done completing the previous ones.

Also, before you can proceed with the courses, you’ll need first fill in a Questionaire where you’ll deliver more information about yourself to the developers of the program.

That is supposed to get them to know you better and eventually improve the program as a result.

The course is practical and by the time when you’ll finish it, you are supposed to go away with your own personalized business plan and a graduation certificate.

#2. Financing Your Dream

Financing Your Dream Program is a complementary course to the Dream Builder Program.


What is the Dream Builder Program? - Financing Your Dream Course


It was designed to help prepare business owners for the next steps in securing capital for their business.

Both programs are offered in two languages: English and Spanish.

Tools & Resources

Youtube Channel

They have a dedicated Youtube channel which however doesn’t have too many subscribers (257 if to be more precise).

The majority of the videos are short (1-2 minutes, sometimes up to 5 minutes, no longer) and have people who supposedly have taken Dream Builder courses talking about their experiences.

Besides that, they have uploaded a bunch of excerpts from the Spanish TV series, which is totally weird to me, and come on, guys, let’s face it, this is not serious at all.

Among the testimonials, I have seen that there are a lot of Spanish women and, I don’t know, it might seem like they have uploaded these TV series in terms of solidarity.

Still, that doesn’t look professional at all, I am sorry to say this, Dream Builder.

Resource Center

Both programs have Resource Centers where any of the participants can access some of the training materials.

Given the fact that this is a cloud-based program, you can easily download them to your computer for future references.

The Good And The Bad


#1. Free to Join

There are no fees to be paid in order to learn from the Dream Builder program.

Almost anyone can take advantage of their courses, whether it is in regards to gender or geographical region.

All you need to invest in is your precious time, so who doesn’t like some free stuff? 😉

#2. Well-structured and Step-by-Step

The training is very well organized in a logical and comprehensive way.

Its step-by-step structure keeps you taking the lessons one by one without chaotically jumping from one to another.

#3. Practical

I personally like the idea that the creators of this program have implemented the “learning by doing” concept.

As a result of taking this program, you’ll end up with a concrete Business Plan and Plan to Action, as well as you’ll have an idea of where to search for funding if you will eventually need an investor.


#1. Low Level of Interaction Between Members

Both programs have a dedicated area called “Discussions”. To be honest, I was upset to see how low is the level of activity there.

For example, here is a screenshot of the Dream Builder Program discussion area:


What is the Dream Builder Program? - Low Interaction


Out of the thousands of people who are supposedly joining this training platform daily, only 29 are more or less active.

#2. There is Nobody to Support You

Should I mention that some people are facing technical problems and nobody is there to help them out?

#2. Low Site Spead, Sometimes it is Not Responsive

At least, this is my experience with the website.

I was curious to see how their lessons are delivered so I have decided to check some of them.

After signing up, I wanted to proceed with the Dream Builder Program but I have faced a real difficulty to access the training.

As I have mentioned earlier, there is a “Tell Us About Yourself” section to be filled in before you can start actually going through the training.

The issue was that I couldn’t access this section at all.

I have tried the same day I have signed up with them and it was resulting in some sort of issue with pop up blocks.

I have checked my laptop settings and disabled popup blockers for this site.

Then I have decided to try the other day, but unfortunately, I couldn’t access the form either, it was giving me that same issue.

Should I mention that overall, I had to expect up to 30 seconds for a page to load? This is very annoying and finally, I quit trying.

I don’t know whether it’s a common issue or just me having that bad user experience with the site?

If you eventually have gone through the same process, please let me know in the comments how it did work out for you?

I would love to hear about your experience!

Who is Dream Builder For?

Although it’s stated that Dream Builder was designed for women, in fact, anyone can take it.

Dream Builder is for anyone out there who wants to create a product or a service, or both, and build a business around it.

My Final Opinion About Dream Builder + A Better Alternative

Overall, I think that the Dream Builder founders pursued a good idea of creating a free training service to support women in their endeavors of starting a business of their own and make an impact on economic development and growth.

At the same time, based on the disadvantages I have explained above I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time signing up with this platform and wait that long for a web page to load.

It could take you a great amount of time to pass all the lessons, and think about it that you could spend your time doing things in a more efficient way.

Another reason why I don’t recommend this program is not the program itself, but the concept of business.

You might have seen yourself from their Curriculum that what they are teaching in this Dream Builder program and what you will be doing, as a result, is a lot of headaches.

Seriously, are you sure you want to get into all that stuff having to deal with the product or service creation, production process, pricing, inventory, hiring staff, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, etc., etc.?

If you are the type of person and you are ok with the idea of having to manage all of these things, sure, go ahead and take this business program (although, for the mentioned reasons, I still wouldn’t recommend this program at all).

Otherwise, let me tell you that there is a better way of doing business, and if you still haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you check it out. 

Like with any other thing out there, in order to be able to set and run it properly, you’ll need to learn a concrete skill set.

For this purpose, you may wish to check out the affiliate marketing training I have taken myself and recommend it from all of my heart.

It’s also FREE to join, NO CREDIT CARD required. But I am sure you are going to love it!

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Honestly, when I became a Starter member, I used to be spending all of my free time at this platform, that is how interesting, engaging, and full of helpful information it is. 

It’s more than just an educational platform, it’s a community of like-minded people who are always ready to interact with you and help you whenever you need it!

These people are freely sharing their experience in their online journey, and honestly, this thing alone is a goldmine!

I think there is no better place to learn for you than from people who have already been there, done that.

I can endlessly talk about it so I better stop here and let you make your own impression about the platform. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and now you know better What is the Dream Builder Program.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcomed to leave them in the comments section below.

Please note that I am a real person, and I write the blog posts for this website myself. And I always reply to each of my readers.

Take care of yourself, your family, and I will talk to you in my next post!

With warm wishes to you,


Dream Builder Program






Overall Quality



  • Free to Join
  • Well-structured and Step-by-Step
  • Practical


  • Low Level of Interaction Between Members
  • Low Site Spead, Sometimes it is Not Responsive
  • There is Nobody to Support You

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