What is Sunrider International?

What is Sunrider International? – Can You Make Money Selling Herbal Products?

Hey, are you looking to learn What is Sunrider International?

You have come to the right place! Cos I took my time to thoroughly research this business opportunity so you don’t have too. 

Sunrider International was founded by a foreigner who has managed to make the American dream come true for him. He also wanted to do the same for lots of people out there.

Did he manage? Can you really make enough money with Sunrider to finally change your life?

You’ll find out if you read this article till the end. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the important things right now!

Sunrider International OverviewWhat is Sunrider International? - The Logo

Full Name: Sunrider International

Type: MLM Business Opportunity

Sunrider International Website: https://www.sunrider.com/

Founder: Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen

Year of Establishment: 1982

Price to Join: $59

Recommended? No

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What is Sunrider International?

Based in Torrance, California, USA, Sunrider International is a privately held multi-level marketing company, often referred to as network marketing, referral marketing, or direct selling company.

Since its inception in 1982, Sunrider managed to expand all over the world and nowadays, operates in more than 40 countries.

Sunrider International positions itself as a “premier manufacturer of high-quality herbal products”, and as a “turnkey business, easier than a franchise, from the convenience of your home”.


What is Sunrider International? - Business on Your Own Terms

Who are the Founders?What is Sunrider International? - The Founders

Sunrider International was founded by Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen. They are a couple that immigrated to the United States from Taiwan.

According to Sunrider’s official website, Dr. Tei-Fu, was a sicky boy born and raised in poverty, began to study everything about herbs to discover how these could help him improve his health.

In his endeavors, he had as a coach his paternal grandfather who passed him some ancient manuscripts on herbal properties. When Tei-Fu grew up, he graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from Kaohsiung Medical College.

When you read this kind of story, you never know if this is true or not unless you make some deeper research. This is what I did and found that all these are simply not true.

Tei-Fu says that when he was a poor student dating his future wife, he was telling her that he is going to become a millionaire one day.

Of course, he knew that working on three jobs will never make him rich, so he started to ask himself how a product like hamburger could make so much money?

But even if he would figure it out, he hadn’t the money needed to buy a franchise.

Ultimately, he started Sunrider to offer other people that opportunity to run a franchise-like business without having to invest a lot of money into it.

Did this company manage to become what Dr. Tei-Fu initial plan was? You’ll get your answer just in a sec.!

What is Sunrider International Financial Situation?

If you know me, I usually like to take a look at some numbers indicating how well the company is performing financially.

Normally, this shows if a company is being through ups or downs, or is it runs stable.

In the case of Sunrider International, it seems like stability is the word that would represent this company.

As you can see from this screenshot below I have taken from BusinessForHome.org, Sunrider’s revenue didn’t change a cent in the last few years.


What is Sunrider International? - Financial Situation

What Are Sunrider International Products?

Sunrider manufactures and sells a wide range of over 400 health, beauty, and household products.

If you would like to have a look at Sunrider’s specific product categories, here are the main of these:

  • Sunrider® Herbal Foods and Beverages
  • Sunrider® Herbal Concentrates
  • Vitalite® Weight Management & Active Lifestyle Formulas
  • Kandesn® & Oi-Lin® Skin Care
  • Kandesn® Color Cosmetics
  • SunSmile® and SunBright® Household Products

What is Sunrider International? - The Products

Are Sunrider Products Worth Their Price?

The good part is that I haven’t found so many customers complaining about the actual Sunrider’s products, like in some other MLM companies.

Still, there are people that believe Sunrider’s products are a little overpriced.

Here is a screenshot I have taken from Amazon reviews about Sunbreeze essential oil:


What is Sunrider International? - Sunbreeze Review on Amazon


If we dig a little deeper, we can still find people that consider this Sunbreeze essential oil not as effective as it should be.


What is Sunrider International? - Sunbreeze Effectiveness


I think it’s important to take all these aspects into consideration when deciding to join the Sunrider business opportunity.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Sunrider International?

In order to become a Sunrider Independent Business Owner, you’ll need to purchase a Starter kit.

This is a standard procedure practiced in many MLM companies.

The entrance price at Sunrider International is $59, plus shipping and tax. Here’s what included in this basic Sunrider Starter kit:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Sunrider Company Profile
  • Fast Start Blueprint Brochure
  • Switch Brands Flyer
  • Sunrider Product Catalog
  • Product Samples
  • Join Brochure
  • Price List
  • Product Order Forms
  • Retail Receipt Pad
  • Deluxe Business Folio with Built-in Power bank
  • Sleekly Styled Ballpoint pen


What is Sunrider International? - Starter Kit


There are other Starter kits and product packs you can choose from that are even more expensive (ranging between $99 and $400).

How to Make Money With Sunrider International?

According to Sunrider’s business opportunity presentation, there is no hard selling involved, all you need to do is just sharing Sunrider with other people.

They believe in what is called “The Power of 15 Minutes”, which means that you actually don’t need to invest a lot of time in this business.

During those 15 minutes, you can connect with at least 2 people every day, and that could total to 700 people per year.


What is Sunrider International? - The Power of 15 minutes


I personally “like” the way they make it sound so easy to do.

It’s a pity that in reality, this doesn’t work exactly the same.

You must already know that everything worthwhile in our lives needs a good amount of effort from our side to invest in.

They also say that you can make a lot of money selling Sunrider. Let’s take a look at what money is made at Sunrider.


What is Sunrider International? - Exaggerated Earning Claims


Sunrider is a typical MLM, so usually, there are two main ways to make money:

#1. Retail Sales

When you join Sunrider, you’ll get the chance to buy Sunrider’s products at wholesale price. If you’d sell these products on retail price, then you can keep the difference in your pocket.

With Sunrider, you get a 15% discount off retail.


What is Sunrider International? - 15% Discount off Retail



As a person who has already reviewed a lot of MLMs, let me tell you that 15% is not a lot.

There are other MLM companies (Advocare, for example) that offer up to 40% discount off retail price.

#2. Build Your Organization Within Sunrider and Maximize Your Earning Potential

When you start inviting people to join Sunrider business opportunity and hopefully do the exact same thing as you, you’ll then start building your team or organization within Sunrider and get the chance to earn from these people’s efforts.

Do They Allow You to Use the Internet to Build Your Business?

Once you join Sunrider as an Independent Business Owner, you’ll get your own replicated website which you can use to drive more sales and leads.

While this is a great thing in essence, and still better than nothing, before getting excited about the possibility to run your Sunrider business from the comfort of your own coach, using a laptop or even your smartphone, think about how you are going to be marketing your business?

How will you stand out from all of the Sunrider distributors who already signed up before you (as everybody is getting the same website)?

Is Sunrider International Legitimate?

Sunrider is a member of the Direct Selling Association, whose mission is to “ensure member companies’ products and the direct selling opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics”.

Although Sunrider is in the business for 35+ years, it’s still not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.


What is Sunrider International? - Not BBB Accredited

Can You Make Money With Sunrider International?

You see, theoretically, you can make money literally with anything.

It all goes down to how committed you are, how much time and effort you are ready to put in, and of course, last but not least, what skills you have.

People from Sunrider are telling you can start even if you don’t have previous experience but in this case, you need to be willing to dedicate enough time to learn how this business works.

What you’ll basically be told to do is start with sharing Sunrider’s products with your friends and family, and all the people you get the chance to meet in your life.

If this sounds interesting to you, you probably would like to know what numbers other Sunrider distributors are already making on average.

We can find this out by looking at Sunrider’s Income Disclosure statement:


What is Sunrider International? - Only a Small Percent is Making a DECENT income


What these numbers are saying is confirming an overall earnings statistic in the MLM industry: less than 1% are making a sustainable income from being part of one MLM company or another.

The Good and The Bad


#1. Affordable Start-up Costs

Is $59 is a lot for you to start a business from scratch?

If yes, you may wish to take a look at the Matilda Jane MLM start-up costs.

#2. No Degree/Experience is Required

Sunrider is open for everyone out there, no matter you are male, or female, and what is your background.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have prior experience, don’t worry, as they are promising to teach you everything from scratch.

#3. A Variety of Products to Sell

Health and wellness are some of the most profitable niches out there. Everybody out there is looking to stay healthy.

This opens a lot of potentials to make money from this industry.


#1. Most People are NOT making DECENT money from Selling Sunrider

As 2019 Average Annual Income Summary shows, you have to work hard in order to get to one of the top positions in Sunrider company, in order to be able to make a sustainable income from it.

#2. Beware of Lawsuits Around Sunrider

Lawsuits are a common phenomenon in the MLM industry.

There’s unlikely an MLM company that could avoid the reputation of being sued in a court.

Sunrider is not different. There were a number of lawsuits filed against Sunrider, including one that accused of allegedly running an illegal pyramid scheme.

#3. False Claims about Products Properties to Treat Different Illnesses

These were made by both the company’s management, as well as its distributors. This reminds me of the old saying: “The fish rots from the head down”.

It all started back in 1983 when the FDA ordered the company to stop claiming that Nutrien was effective to “produce energy, long life, and lasting health.”

Later on, in 1989 Sunrider paid a $173,000 fine to the State of California for falsely advertising that Nutrien contained “vitamin B-8” – a substance that does not even exist!

There were also claimed made that Nutrien and other products have a beneficial effect on heart disease, pneumonia, and high blood pressure.

Also, in 1984, the FDA managed to obtain through court decision an injunction prohibiting Sunrider from marketing an unapproved sweetener extracted from the herb Stevia rebaudiana.

My Final Opinion About Sunrider International + A Better Alternative

When you open up one MLM business opportunity or another, it all sounds so good and promising.

If it happened to you to make just a little bit of research on a few MLMs out there, you may have noticed that most of the MLMs are pretty much the same.

Yes, they differ by products and compensation plans (some of them pay more, while others pay less) but all of them have the same message to transmit: that you can change your life if you join them!

And every MLM has the best product and the best business opportunity.

If it’s so, then I wonder, why so many people out there failed and still continue to fail nowadays in MLMs?

I can’t recommend going with the MLM business model for many reasons. If you’d ask me what type of business it’s best to dive in, I suggest looking into blogging and affiliate marketing.

If you are new to this business model, I can recommend an awesome training program that I am using myself and simply love it for all the tools it’s offering!

It’s free to start, and inside, you’ll find everything you need to run a profitable affiliate marketing business, including a website builder, keyword research tool, and even website hosting 


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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and now, you are well-versed about What is Sunrider International.

Don’t hesitate to leave your questions, if you have any, in the comments section down below.

Please note that I am personally moderating this website, and I tend to always reply to my readers!

Stay safe and well, and I will talk to you within my next post very soon.


Sunrider International






Business Opportunity



  • Affordable Start-up Cost
  • No Need for Education or Prior Experience to Get Started
  • A Variety of Products to Sell


  • Most People Failed to Make a Sustainable Income
  • Beware of Lawsuits Around Sunrider
  • False Claims about Products Properties to Treat Different Illnesses

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the info…didn’t know much about Sunrider until I read your article.

    You were very thorough in your analysis.

    The research you gathered on the founders was interesting and the screenshots you used to convey your message of its company’s earnings showed your hard work.

  2. I’ve always been interested in MLMs, was actually involved in a couple, but never really made any money at it.

    Thanks for the balanced review of Sunrider. It’s in a good niche, which makes it interesting, but then again, so were the others I was involved in.

    It comes down to being unwilling to pester friends and family with stuff.

    That’s not how I roll, and I’m not a salesperson in the first place, so… 😉

    What other option would you suggest for someone who isn’t good at sales, and prefers not to turn off family and friends with the MLM pitch?

    • Hi, Steve,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Exactly, the way they teach you to do business doesn’t resonate with me either. I believe people are capable to find the products they need at their own pace.

      And it’s simply doesn’t work the way they say. Just sharing the info will not change people’s habits to buy the products where they used to buy. So the only way to make money remains to hard sell.

      I personally prefer making money through blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s a more passive way, you don’t need to sell or convince anyone to buy something.

      And your income depends solely on your efforts, not on other people’s actions/inactions like in MLM.

  3. Great and detailed review.

    Reviews like these help you make your mind up which MLM to go for. You’ve given a very impartial view here.

    Many thanks for helping people like myself out there who are looking for honest reviews.

    Best wishes


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