What is SeneGence International? – SeneGence MLM Review

Selling cosmetic and skincare products in your spare time might seem interesting since who doesn’t want to look fresh, young, and beautiful every day? SeneGence is offering long-lasting cosmetic products with a business opportunity attached. If you are looking to learn What is SeneGence International, you have come to the right place!

In this SeneGence MLM review, I will reveal all the details about this MLM company to help you decide if it worths joining or not.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the things right now!

SeneGence OverviewWhat is SeneGence International? - The Logo

Full Name: SeneGence International

Type: MLM Business Opportunity

Website: https://seneweb.senegence.com/

Founder: Joni Rogers-Kante

Year of Establishment: 1999

Price to Join: $55 + Optional Distributors Packs ($75-$1 195

Recommended? No

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What is SeneGence?

Based in California, USA, SeneGence International is a multi-level marketing company, often referred to as network marketing or direct selling company.

It manufactures and distributes makeup, skincare products, hair care products, fragrances for both men and women. 

SeneGence was established in April 1999, nowadays having core operations in the US, Canada, and Australia with products available in many territories around the globe.

Who is the Founder?What is SeneGence International? - Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder

Joni Rogers-Kante was a newly single mother when she started the SeneGence company.

Her goal, besides making her personal dreams come true, was to make SeneGence stand out from the rest of the cosmetics companies.

For that purpose, she traveled around the world to find better ingredients for future SeneGence products.

Joni is the author of Million Dollar Lips, A Journey Into the Hearts and Minds of Women in Business.

What is SeneGence’s Financial Situation?

While how much an MLM company is earning overall might not affect its distributors directly, still it’s good to take a look at how well the company is performing financially.

Are their financial numbers going up, or going down? I am sure you wouldn’t want to be part of a company that is dying financially, right?

According to BusinessForHome.org, SeneGence has experienced tremendous growth in terms of annual revenue between 2015-2019. 

In 2018, it reached $1,015 million USD in revenue, which remained at the same level in 2019. 


What is Senegence International? - Financial Situation

Even if it didn’t grow in the last year, at least the company didn’t register negative financial indicators as, for example, Zija International did. 

What Are SeneGence Products?

SeneGence claims to be making long-lasting beauty possible. For example, LipSense can stay on lips for 4-18 hours.

SeneGence produces a wide range of products under the following categories:

Skin Care – cleansers, day time moisturizers, evening moisturizers, eyeCreme, and eyeLuminator.

Anti-Aging – Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, Collagen Night Pack, Neck Cream, Hydrating Facial Serum Mist, Advanced SenePlex+® Renewal Serum with Retinol.

SeneDerm Solutions – Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Polishing Exfoliator, Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment, LashExtend, LipVolumizer, Facial Resurfacer, Spot-On Blemish & Acne Treatment, Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment, NailExtend, Nangai Oil.

Senegence For Men – Soothing Shave Cream, Gentle Purifying Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer SPF 20.

Face – Corrective Color Concealers, Translucid Loose Powder & Bronzer, BlushSense, MakeSense Foundations, Remover, MakeSenseSilk, MakeSense® Color Correcting Moisturizer. 

Eyes – BrowSense, EyeSense, ShadowSense, LashSense, LashExtend, UnderSense.

Lips – LinerSense, LipSense, LipSense Gloss, Lip Balms, Remover, Lip Volumizer, LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish.

Body – Body Wash, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask, Shea Butter Body Cream, Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk, SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen.

Spa – Renewing and Brightening Hand Cream, Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask, Heel, and Elbow Softening Cream.

Hair – Shampoos, Conditioners, Scalp, and Hair Serum.


Are SeneGence Products Any Good?

Even though some of their products are claimed to be “100% natural”, SeneGence skin care products include a mix of both natural and synthetic ingredients.

One of the controversial ingredients is parabens which are preservatives used to extend the shelf life of a product by preventing microbial contamination.

Other ones are polyethylene glycol-related chemicals that aren’t not allowed to use during pregnancy.

According to SiteJabber.com, consumers are generally dissatisfied with their SeneGence purchases.


What is SeneGence International? - SiteJabber Rating

How Much Does it Cost to Join SeneGence?

SeneGence distributors call themselves SeneSisters to create a sense of family where women help and support each other. 

If you’d like to join the SeneGence family, you would need to pay a $55 registration fee.

This gets you ordering your products at 20 – 50 % off the retail price,  plus the opportunity to earn commissions, bonuses, and other rewards like trips and car allowances.

Also, it’s not necessary but highly recommended to buy your Distributor Pack. There most recommended is the  FAST START PACK ($1,195 USD ($3,500 value).


What is SeneGence International? - Fast Start Pack


Other options include:

$ignificant $ene$eller PACK $795 USD ($1,830 value)

Qualified Distributor PACK  – $345 USD ($830 value)

Glamour Demo PACK – $295 USD ($1000 Retail value)

 LIPS PACK – $75 USD (over $200 value)

How to Make Money With SeneGence?

According to the SeneGence Independent Distributor Compensation Plan, there are two ways to earn income with SeneGence:

#1. Sales Income

To make money this way, you buy products from SeneGence for a wholesale price, and then sell them to the end customer for a retail price.

The difference between the two is your profit. To sell products, you provide demonstrations.

#2. Team Building Commissions

Build a team (often referred to as a downline) and earn group sales volume commissions and downline commissions.

The more people you register into your SeneGence organization, the more money you can potentially make.


Keep in mind though that in order to qualify for earning commissions withing SeneGence Compensation Plan, you’ll need to make monthly qualifying orders of $200 value.  

Do They Allow You to Use the Internet to Build Your Business?

Thankfully, they will give you your own replicated website to make use of social media and make sales that way. 

While this is a great thing, still they are not teaching you how to use that website in order to drive sales and leads.

Just imagine how much time you would need to spend in order to get your individual links in front of other people’s eyes?

Should I mention that you’ll compete with other 500 000 SeneGence distributors who are already there in the market?

The best-case scenario is that you’ll have to set aside an advertising budget to hopefully get ahead of your competitors.

Is SeneGence Legitimate?

A lot of the MLM companies out there are considered scams because of the business model they are using have signs of a pyramid scheme.

But until regulators didn’t throw them out of business, the majority part of MLM companies remain legitimate companies.

Speaking of SeneGence, it’s a proud member of the Direct Selling Association.

Although it hasn’t been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau), SeneGence received an A+ BBB rating, which is the highest.


What is SeneGence International? - BBB Rating

How Much Money You Can Make With SeneGence?

That’s a great question and normally, MLM companies should publish yearly income statements of distributors’ earnings.

These give an insight into how much money representatives are making on a yearly basis so that anyone who is looking into joining could have an idea of the earnings potential.

However, this is not the case of SeneGence since I haven’t found any document that would reflect this kind of information.

So we are left alone to only guess about how much money SeneGence Sisters are making. This is another red flag for me.

The Good and The Bad


#1. The Possibility to Sell Through the Internet

More and more MLM companies begin to embrace the internet for promotion and sales, offering the same opportunities for their reps. 

At SeneGence, you’ll get your replicated website to drive sales and prospects into your SeneGence business.

#2. A Variety of Products to Sell

SeneGence doesn’t resort to only one product, there are 

#3. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you or your customers get unsatisfied with the SeneGence products, you guys can return them for a full refund or for a product exchange, within 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Keep in mind though that there is a 10% handling fee subtracting and this is up to the distributor. 


#1. The Requirement for Monthly Purchases

To qualify for earning commissions, SeneGence distributors are required to spend at least $200 monthly. 

#2. High Start-up Costs

The cheapest Starter Kit is $75 USD. That’s in addition to the annual registration fee which is $55 USD. If you would want to go with some of the other kits, these are much more expensive.

#3. You Pay Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax Costs

As a SeneGence representative, you are in charge of paying all shipping and handling costs as well as all sales tax.

So, in order to calculate your net earnings, you will need to subtract these costs from your commission checks.

#4. Customers Complaints

There is a good deal of customer complaints you can find over the internet.

For example, on BBB, SeneGence received 46 customer complaints in the last three years.

That’s not that much if to compare, for example, with Monat business, still not paying attention to these may cause paying more in the future in the literal sense of the word. 

The saddest part is that only 2 of these complaints were closed in the last 12 months. It seems like SeneGence doesn’t really care about responding and resolving issues.

People reported that they had different skin issues after starting using SeneGence products, like acne, face bumps, burns, allergic reactions, etc.

Regarding the SeneGence company, people also complained a lot about bad customer service. There is no guaranty that it will not happen to you too if you’ll decide to become a SeneGence customer/distributor.

Here is a story of one SeneGence Distributor, watch this video to find out why she quit this company:


My Final Opinion About SeneGence + A Better Alternative

Regarding this particular business opportunity, there are a lot of customer complaints about product or customer service which may bring you tough times selling SeneGence products.

Even with the possibility to use the internet for promotions and sales, you’ll have to be 100% sure that SeneGence products are a real deal and work.

With all the access to the information we all have nowadays, it’s not that difficult to find out what the truth is.

And people become more and more concerned about what they are consuming and applying to their skin.

So, unless you can stand 100% behind SeneGence products, I wouldn’t recommend joining them.

Let me tell you that building a business shouldn’t be that hard. I can show you a way to make a decent income working from home, with a lot less responsibility for customer satisfaction and a lot more fun!

No need to convince anyone to buy or join something, no annoying your friends and relatives, not paying for shipping products, and NO CREDIT CARD required!

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and now, you are well-versed about What is SeneGence International.

If you have any questions about SeneGence, or anything else, please leave a comment, and I will get back to you asap!

Take care and I will talk to you within my next post very soon!

Best Wishes,


SeneGence MLM






Business Opportunity



  • The Possibility to Sell Through the Internet
  • A Variety of Products to Sell
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • The Requirement for Monthly Purchases
  • High Start-up Costs
  • You Pay Shipping, Handling and Sales Tax Costs

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  1. Natalie, thank you for this article.

    I have tried a number of MLM programs and they don’t work.

    Ok, obviously, someone is making money but most people are spending money they can’t afford to spend to aspire to an income they will never achieve.

    Only the top tiers profit.

    • Hi, Cynthia, thank you for sharing your experience.

      I also have tried a few of them, and they didn’t work for me either.

      Luckily, I didn’t get into one which requires buying inventory and expensive starter kits so I was happy that I didn’t lose money.


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