What is Create and Go?

What is Create and Go? – Read This Non-Biased Review Before Buying!

Hey there! Welcome to my Create and Go Review. Have you come upon this training program and wonder What is Create and Go?

Only the fact that you are making this research tells me about the fact that you want to make a change to your life, the way you work and spend your time.

That is why, let me, first of all, congratulate you and give you a big hug because there is not a lot of people out there that have this courage, or afford the time to even think that they are actually capable to change things in their lives to better.

Second, it’s good to see that you are making your due-diligence before deciding to buy any of the training courses and programs out there.

If you don’t know me, or visiting my website for the first time, let me quickly tell you that I am a stay-at-home-mom and aspiring affiliate marketer.

I have been researching online making money opportunities since 2016 and I have built this website to share all my knowledge and experience with you, to help you make more informed and thus, better purchasing decisions.

I have made reviewing different online money-making opportunities and training programs my actual job, and today, I am ready to share all my discoveries about this Create and Go training program.

Create and Go OverviewWhat is Create and Go?

Full Name: Create and Go

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Website: https://createandgo.com/

Owner: Lauren McManus & Alex Nerney

Price: From $197 – $297 if bought individually; $647 if bought all together (Pro Blogger Bundle).

WellDoneAffiliate.com Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Recommended? Yes, but there is a way less costly option


As always, I want to be totally honest with you by saying that I haven’t taken any of the courses within the Create and Go Training Program.

If you are curious about what training program I have taken the first time when I have started online, you can check out my 4 Percent Group Review and why it didn’t work out for me. 

Even though I have failed to make money online with 4 Percent, I am proud of the fact that I didn’t give up on the idea of becoming financially independent and make my dreams come true.

I continued to research online different courses and training programs.

If You Want to Know What Affiliate Marketing Training Program I Have Taken to Start Making Money Online, See My #1 Recommendation:

What is Create and Go?

Create and Go is a compilation of several training courses that teach how to start a blog and make money with it.

Thus, if you decide to give Create and Go a try, you will be able to learn here the following topics:

How to Start a Blog and make Money With it (Launch Your Blog Biz Course – $297)

SEO Marketing

Email Marketing

Pinterest Marketing (Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course – $197)

How to Create and Sell a Digital Product (Six-Figure Blogger Course – $297)

The end result is to help you quit your daily job and enjoy your life doing whatever you like the most (spending more time with your family, traveling the world, hobbies, etc.)

This sounds a little bit scammy, isn’t it?

Let see who are Lauren and Alex and if their courses are capable to teach us and bring the results they are promising? 

Who are The Founders?

Alex and Lauren used to be a lovely couple since they met on a dating app in 2014.

At that time, Alex was working as a personal trainer, and Lauren had a regular 9-5 job as a tax 


What is Create and Go? - Alex and Lauren

Being young and wanting more from life, they have decided to start a health and wellness blog, called “Health and Happy Hour”.

Since they were in their mid-20s, the blog was about how to party and socialize with friends while still adopt a healthy way of life.

Unfortunately, this blog has failed, attracting a few visitors and respectively, no income. 

Luckily, the guys weren’t losers and didn’t give up on the idea of running an online business and living their dreams.

Thus, they have started their second website “Avocadu”, and as they are witnessing themselves, what was different this time is that the main focus was on their readers and not on themselves.

The second blog was more successful than the first one, and they have managed to take it to $10K per month in just 7 months period.

This was the time when they have decided to teach other people how to make money blogging through the “Create and Go” Course.

For their fast-growing success, Alex and Lauren have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and other reputable resources. 

How Create and Go Works?

First of all, it worths mentioning that Alex and Lauren have designed their courses that need to be taken in a certain order.

This makes their courses easy to follow especially if you are new to the world of blogging.

At the same time, if you already have some experience as a blogger but still you are not sure what course to take first, Alex and Lauren have prepared a Course Roadmap for you.


What is Create and Go? - The Course Roadmap


This was designed to help you quickly understand where you should start your journey with their online courses, according to your level of experience and your skillset.

Other than that, here is a breakdown of courses that you can take within the Create and Go training program:


What is Create and Go? - The Range of Training Courses

The course is up-to-date, comprehensive, and easy to follow. Each of the modules is delivered in both written and video formats which are a great thing. 

I know what it takes to be a blogger, and when you have to process a ton of new information that is in the form of text only, it might become very tiring and frustrating.

That is why it is good to have options that allow you to switch between them whenever time you feel you need it.

Tools & Resources

I like the fact that they are recommending some good marketing tools that in most cases are free to use which is a great thing, especially for beginners (like, for example, graphic design or stock photos services). 

Another thing that smiles to me is that they are teaching you to build your website using WordPress which is one of the most popular and flexible platforms.

If you wonder which web hosting service they are using to host their websites, and respectively, recommend you do the same, please note that it is BlueHost. 

In terms of keyword research tools, they do recommend both paid (like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush), and free (Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, etc.) services.

If you want to start email marketing but don’t know which email autoresponder service will fit you better, you may wish to discover that Alex and Lauren are using and recommending ConvertKit.

Tools They Have Developed Themselves

Besides all that, these guys have developed their own marketing tools, like, for example:

Blog Name Generator

Finding a great name for your blog that is easy to remember and, at the same time, is appealing to your audience, maybe challenging for some people.

What this tool does is it helps you quickly find a bunch of domain names based on your keyword or your niche.

Also, it checks for domain availability so that you can have it set up for you and start building your blog as soon as possible.


What is Create and Go? - Blog Name Generator


Dedicated Youtube Channel

It currently numbers around 84K subscribers and the videos are playing for the most part by Alex talking about blogging and marketing tips.

Also, Lauren shots interviews with people who have taken their courses and leaving their feedback, telling about their experiences and results.

You can watch one of them in the video below:



Facebook Blogging Community

It was created back in 2016 and to the date of this writing, it counts 12 824 members.


What is Create and Go? - Facebook Community

The Good And The Bad


Legitimate Product

If you decide to buy the Create and Go training program, or any of the courses included individually, you can rest assured that you will actually get a real product coming to your email inbox.

Lauren and Alex are real people with whom you can get in touch through their blog, Facebook community, or Youtube channel.

You can also learn from other people’s experiences who have already taken these courses.

No Negative Reviews

Although I haven’t found any reviews of Create and Go on such services as Trustpilot or BBB rating, there is also no negative reviews from customers with complaints about fraud, billing issues, or claims that “it doesn’t work!”, which are very common in this type of industry.

This is definitely a good sign and here is what Google search results look like when I typed in “Create and Go review”:


What is Create and Go? - Google Search Results


By the way, the first result you see in this screenshot is a website that belongs to one of my colleagues Tiffany Domena, who has built her website taking the same affiliate marketing training as me.

This is real evidence that it really works and delivers results that lead to earning profits online.


While overall, it’s a well-structured, good quality training program, still, like anything else out there, it’s not perfect.

Below are some disadvantages I have found people who have taken this course, have to say about it.

Not so Insightful in Terms of Email Marketing

Kirsten, on her blog Kirstenmsimon.com says that there are so improvements to be made in the course dedicated to email marketing.

You can see yourself below exactly what she is telling about it:


What is Create and Go? - Course Feedback 1

Not So Many Positive Reviews

To be honest, I was surprised by the low number of people who have agreed to leave their positive feedback after taking the course.

Only 9, to be precise. You can read their stories in the Testimonials section on their website.

Of course, we can assume that these are not the only people out there who have actually taken the training program and are happy with it.

But we never know since the actual number of people that currently show on their website is only 9.

A Bit Pricey

Even though it is not one of the expensive affiliate marketing training programs that I have already reviewed here on my blog (like Kibo Code System, Super Affiliate System, Authority Hacker, etc.), still it seems to me that paying $297, for example, for just one of the training courses – Launch Your Buz Blog Course, is a bit expensive.

Please keep in mind that it will only teach you the aspects of blog building, but there are a lot more things that need to be implemented in order to be successful with a blog and start to actually make money with it.

You will also need to master social media marketing and learn how to brand and position yourself, so you will definitely need the course dedicated to Pinterest marketing, which is an additional $197. You do the math. 

On top of that, don’t forget that these are the costs of the training. And besides that, you are going to need to pay for the domain name and web hosting services, and email autoresponder, if you are thinking to implement email marketing strategies. 

Who Is Create and Go For?

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, Create and Go is a group of courses.

Some of them were designed for complete beginners to blogging (like, for example, Launch Your Biz Blog Course).

Some of the other courses (Six-Figure Blog Course, Pro Blogger) were created for aspiring and pro bloggers who are looking for taking their blogs to another level.

In this way, anyone out there can find something for themselves, according to their own needs and expectations.

Also, I find it necessary to mention that on their website, Alex and Lauren show income proofs from their Amazon and Clickbank accounts.

Most probably you already know that these two are the most popular global marketplaces for both physical and digital products in almost any niche you can think of.

Therefore, you can rest assured that there will be no limit in terms of niches to tackle, you can go with any niche of your liking or any of the niches you think are the most profitable. 

My Final Opinion About Create and Go + A Better Alternative

Overall, Create and Go is a good quality course worth taking.

At the same time, based on what I have explained earlier in this post about the price, I want to tell you that there is a less costly option if you are seriously thinking to start a blog and make money with it.

More than that, there is even an opportunity I haven’t seen in any other training courses out there (and as you can see yourself, I have already reviewed a bunch of them). 

The opportunity I am talking about is that, in fact, you can sign up for this training program for FREE and check yourself if this is the right fit for you.

See, the point is that we, humans, are all different, and what works for you, for example, may not work for me, and vice versa. 

That is why I am not telling you to just take my word and blindness believe it.

What I try to tell here is that you can try the training program for free and see yourself if this is something you would like to proceed or not.

If You Still Haven’t Made Any Money Online Yet,

See My #1 Recommendation:


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and now you are well-versed about What is Create and Go.

If there are aspects I haven’t covered in this post and you still have questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take care and I’ll talk to you in my next post very soon!

Best Wishes,


Create and Go






Overall Quality



  • Legitimate Product
  • No Negative Reviews
  • Suitable for Beginners and Pros


  • Not so Insightful in Terms of Email Marketing
  • Not So Many Positive Reviews
  • A Bit Pricey

2 thoughts on “What is Create and Go? – Read This Non-Biased Review Before Buying!”

  1. Hi Natalie,

    I have to be honest that I was shocked when I saw the price of Pro Blogger Bundle($647). It’s too pricey to decide to take out my credit to purchase immediately.

    When I first started my online business, the total cost of one year did influence my decision making the most.

    Although the price is high, there seems no bad feedback on the internet about create and go. This is a good sign that people might find it works for their websites and content creating strategies.

    But, an additional $197 just for Pinterest seems not very competitive for me since I can get the training courses in WA live training sessions every Friday night.

    Paying extra $197 is similar to an upsell for me, so I will skip it and keep embracing WA at the moment until I find one platform that could beat WA.

    Thanks for your sharing.

    • Hi, Matt,

      Pro Blogger Bundle is indeed not a cheap course but please note that it contains 3 in 1-course.

      For the price of $647, you get Start Your Blog Biz Course, Pinterest Avalanche Course, and Six-Figure Blogger Course, which if bought individually, you would spend almost $800.

      Anyway, it is pricey enough and I think WA is a better option for the price as well as it is of good quality.

      Best Wishes,


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