What is Commission Hero About? – Can it Help You Earn Up to $3K+ Per DAY?

Hey there! If you are on this page, I bet you are hungry to learn What is Commission Hero About.

You are in the right place because I have made product research in affiliate marketing training programs and online business opportunities my actual job.

So you can rest assured that you are going to find the most reliable, non-biased, and truthful information about the above-mentioned products.

In today’s post, I will tell you everything you want to know about Commission Hero and if it worths spending your time and money on it.

Commission Hero Overview What is Commission Hero About? - Logo

Full Name: Commission Hero

Type: Affiliate Marketing Online Training Course

Website: www.commissionhero.com

The Owner (s): Robby Blanchard

Price: $997

WellDoneAffiliate.com Rating: 7 out of 10

Important Note:

While Commission Hero is an expensive affiliate marketing training program that may not be affordable to just anyone, I want to recommend you another one that I have taken and was able to learn a lot.

More than that, it has helped me to make my first sales online.

The beauty of this program is that it doesn’t cost you money to try it out, check it how it works and see if this is the best fit for you.

I personally know other people who also have already succeeded in this program. You can read some of their stories here

If you are able to follow simple instructions and be a little bit creative, you can start earning an extra income, a side income, or even a full-time income online in a matter of a few months.

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If you have that extra $997 though, to spend on the Commission Hero System, continue reading my post and you will find out what other extra costs you are going to need to set aside in order to be able to succeed with this system.

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero promises to teach you how you can make $1 000’s online without having a website, an email list, or even a product.

Basically, it is an affiliate marketing training program and it’s a done-for-you-system where you just plug and play to make money online on autopilot.

I guess it is many people’s dream to be able to earn money while they are sleeping, traveling, playing with their kids, and just spending time with their loved ones.

But is it really possible to earn that amount of money online with literally no work, no prior experience, no website, nothing?

And you can do it FAST, actually in your next 30 days, even if you are a newbie?

I am curious about what do you think about that? Let me know in the comments!

Who Is The Founder?What is Commission Hero About? - Robby Blanchard

If you are constantly reading my blog, you most probably have already noticed that I like to do my due diligence and research thoroughly the products in internet marketing space, and it all starts for me to look into who is the founder of the product?

Commission Hero is not an exception from this practice of mine.

Therefore, meet Robby Blanchard – a former personal trainer and fitness coach. He used to help people achieve their health goals and he owns the CrossFit gym.

Robby says that there were times when he struggled with his offline business trying to get more customers.

This is the time when he started to create Facebook ads for his business.

And he did it quite successfully, although he admits himself that he had zero prior marketing experience at all.

Once he managed to drive more customers to his fitness business, he decided to replicate the same methods on other high converting affiliate offers and that is how he started to promote Clickbank affiliate offers.

Nowadays, he is a #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world and also founder and CEO of Blanchard Media company.

Watch this video below to learn how he won that #1 Clickbank Affiliate status:


What is Inside Commission Hero?

After Robby has “cracked the code on this method”, he decided to help other people around the world who are willing to escape the rat race of 9 to 5 jobs and create a successful affiliate marketing business that will generate them passive income.

Robby is ready to do this for a $997 one time fee. Let’s see what we get for this price?


What is Commission Hero About? - Members Area


The Complete Commission Hero System  ($3,997 Value)

Here is where you are going to get Robby’s 3-Step system for mastering affiliate marketing and starting generating sales and commissions.

You will learn the basics through tons of videos and done-for-you landing pages and ads.

Complete Access To The Commission Hero Private Coaching Group ($2,997 Value)

There are already other people that are using Commission Hero and they are all part of this Private Coaching Group.

Basically, it’s where you are going to get answers to your questions 27/7 whenever you get stuck or frustrated.

I will be totally honest with you by telling you that I haven’t bought the course personally, but I have been reading about the fact that Robby is present in live chats daily and it’s very responsive and helpful.

Million Dollar Ad Images  ($1,997 Value)

Here you will find storage of over 20 images that Robby has created himself and that helped them made those millions in commissions.

He is giving them you for FREE in this course and you can use them as an inspiration to create more images of your own in the future.

Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System  ($497 Value)

This is the part where you are going to learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers through Facebook ads.

Robby will teach you how to open up more ad accounts in order to be able to make more money.

Among other things that you are going to learn here are credit card tricks, scaling tactics, and strategies geared towards generating higher commissions.

Complete Done-For-You Landing Pages ($997 Value)

This is self-explanatory and here you will find all the landing pages that Robby has created and used himself to drive those millions in commissions through Facebook ads.

He says that you can simply take them and use, plug, and play right away.

Now I want to see if you are observant enough and have noticed that price value near all the components of Commission Hero? Do you see how much these are priced?

If we sum all of them up, we will receive a total value of $10,485. I am really curious about how they calculate all these costs? If you know the answer, I would love to hear it in the comment!

But, at the end of the day, Robby charges only $997, this is the final price.


What is Commission Hero About? - The Price


And another question arises in my mind if the training real value is $10 485, then why they are not marketing it for this exact same price?

Again, let me know in the comments what you think?


The good things don’t stop here.

If you decide to buy Commission Hero System, you are going to receive some of the awesome bonuses, which I will break down below:

 Live Weekly QnA’s & Coaching  ($4,997 Value)

This is about how you are going to get private support from Robby and his team of coaches.

Every week they held private coaching sessions to answer all of your questions that you might have down the road.

Million Dollar Rolodex Of Contacts  ($1,197 Value)

What to increase your commissions?

Robby is going to put you in contact with his list of product owners so that you can go from 75% to 100% commissions for every offer you promote.

Snapchat Training ($1,997 Value)

This module is about leveraging Social Media Marketing through running profitable campaigns on Snapchat.

Be prepared to spend some money on advertising.

 $10k Month Email Marketing Module ($2,997 Value)

If you want to master Email Marketing, here is where you can do it with Robby’s help.

There is also a Mistery man called Mr. X, who is going to be showing how he is earning $20K-$30K per month with email marketing campaigns.

Access To My Facebook Insider ($1,997 Value)

This module is about learning how Facebook works from the inside. So that you can run your Facebook ads according to their rules.

Pay attention that Robby estimates the total value of these bonuses for $23,670.


What is Commission Hero About? - Bonuses


As well as the price of the course itself is risen up to $10 485, while he is selling it for only $997.

Now, I know what the point is.

If you would be buying each of the modules included in this Commission Hero System separately, most probably your spendings could reach that price point because I know good quality education may cost a lot of money.

But it is not necessary to spend so much money and if you read my post till the end, I will show you where you can get high-quality online education for less, less cost.

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Another thing that caught my attention on their presentation page is that these bonuses will be available for you “If you ONLY join TODAY”.

I have been on their page yesterday, and today, and to be frank, it doesn’t matter when you join, don’t worry, if you decide to do so, you will still be getting those bonuses.

So my advice to you is don’t fall for that trap to hurry on joining.

Take your time to do your own research and join only WHEN and IF you think this program is the right fit for you.

I personally think that this is just a marketing trick that many of high-ticket affiliate marketing programs are using, one of them I have already reviewed are the Kibo Code System and Super Affiliate System.

How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training program that is delivered through video tutorials and live classes.

Basically, what you are going to be doing is learning how to take Clickbank affiliate offers and promote them via Facebook ads, Snapchat, and email marketing.

Take note that the system requires using ClickFunnels which can cost you $97 per month.

Not to mention that the system is implemented via Social Media advertisement, so bear in mind that there is also a need to set aside an advertising budget as well.

Recommended Read: How To Make Money From Clickbank For Free? – Clickbank University 2.0 Review

The Good And The Bad


#1. Money-back Guarantee

I haven’t found this in any other legitimate internet marketing programs – they are actually offering a 12-months term money-back guarantee.

It is in this period of time you are able to ask for refunds if you get unsatisfied with this program. Robby says that the goal of Commission Hero is to help people to create a long-term high-income business.

This process, in essence, takes some time and that is why he had decided to extend that much the Success policy.

It works only for people who are dedicated to achieving financial freedom and are ready to stick to the process in the long run until they reach their goals.

In my personal opinion, this is a bit contradictory to what Robby promises you – that you are going to start earning your first commissions on your next 30 days.

Then why extending that Money-back guarantee to a whole of 12 months?

Honestly, I think, this is where Robby is not totally frankly with you, and internet marketing is a thing that works a little bit differently.

See, what I am saying here is that there is only one way to be truly successful in the online business world.

And this is a way of building trust and that special relationship with your audience.

When your audience trusts you and follows your word and advice, it’s more likely to turn your followers into potential customers who will actually buy from your affiliate links, without you having to convince them or spend hundreds of dollars on advertisement.

#2. Legitimate Product

Commission Hero is a real deal. It delivers an actual affiliate marketing training course that includes actionable steps for you to follow.

Robby Blanchard is a real person and you can actually get in touch with him. He runs his own Youtube channel, that he is working right now to develop.


#1. High Price

The actual price for this system is $997 one time fee.

You can split it into 2 payments by $597, which will be billed 30-days apart.

#2. Other Additional/Hidden Costs Involved

But there is another thing that Robby is not telling you up front: the system involves the use of ClickFunnels service, which alone can cost you up to $97 per month.

If you don’t know yet what ClickFunnels is, let me tell you that it’s an awesome service that lets you quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers.

Apart from that, as I have already mentioned, the traffic to your affiliate offers is going to be generated through Facebook ads. This is an additional cost for your online business.

If you decide to buy Commission Hero System, make sure you prepare an advertising budget, otherwise, you are not going to make any money with this program.

Who Is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero was designed for people who want to get rid of their corporate jobs and create a profitable online business with affiliate marketing.

If you were looking to master Clickbank affiliate marketing through sales funnels, this is what Commission Hero is about.

It’s a newbie-friendly and it doesn’t matter your age, even a kid could follow these simple instructions.

More experienced affiliate marketers can also learn new things from this program, depending on their current level.

At the same time, based on the things I have explained about the price and some other additional costs involved, this program is an expensive one and not everyone out there can afford it.

There is another, less expensive cost to be successful with Clickbank affiliate marketing.

My Final Opinion About Commission Hero + A Better Alternative

Honestly, I don’t want to offend anyone here and I respect everyone’s work they have put in their training programs.

From what I have learned about Commission Hero, it’s a legitimate program that delivers an affiliate marketing training by Robby Blanchard who has won #1 Clickbank Affiliate status in 2019.

I assume that if he managed to do that, he has a good deal of expertise to teach forward.

At the same time, as I have said earlier, it’s an expensive training and its implementation requires additional costs on one of the most expensive sales funnels services (ClickFunnels) in the industry, as well as on advertising.

If you have an extra $1K-$2K to spend, you can go ahead and do that.

But I know that most of the people on the planet can’t afford it and I want to say that it’s NOT the reason to give up on the idea of starting an online business if this is what you have been always dreamt of.

I want to actually show you how you can start your own online business for FREE, and grow from there.

Does this sound interesting?

If Yes, you may wish to consider checking out an affiliate marketing training program that I have personally taken and had succeeded with.

Tired of Purchasing Programs and Softwares That Don’t Bring You The Results You are Expecting?

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Once you create your FREE account, I will be guiding you along the way.

You don’t have to be alone on your path to your financial freedom and there is a community of 2 000 000 people who will hold your back every time you need it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and now you know better What is Commission Hero About.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment. I always reply to my readers!

Please feel free to share this article on social media if you feel this information might be useful for your friends or family or anyone interested.

Talk to you in my next post! Take care!


Commission Hero






Overall Quality



  • Legitimate Product
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Made by a Successful Affiliate Marketer


  • Expensive
  • Other Additional/Hidden Costs Involved
  • Requires Paid Advertising

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  1. Wow. Such a thorough and comprehensive review. You covered all the basis. I’ve heard of clickbank & clickfunnels but not of Commission Hero.

    You summarized it well..so use Facebook ads and push an affiliate offer via high converting landing page. Makes total sense.

    If this is like any other program you won’t make money unless you take action. Watching videos is one thing doing is another.

    12 month guarantee with a program done for you..risk is almost non existent. I wonder assume they go into FB pixel and conversion tracking etc., to measure ROI.

    A+ review

  2. You did a great job at showing the riskiness of such a program to get involved with. You explain how it could be a money pit and done on social media is not for everyone.

    I like how you have an option ready as a second choice and are just as through with the explanation and options of Wealthy Affiliate.

    This is a nice way to present the information.
    Great job

    • Hi,

      Thank you for reading and I am very glad you have found this information useful.

      There are a lot of people on this planet that don’t know yet that it even exists, not to mention they know how great and awesome and helpful it is.

      I really hope my website can be that connecting bridge to help more people to get their financial freedom.

      Thank you again for dropping by and I hope to see you here again reading more of my content.

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  3. Hi Natalie. Congratulations on all your hard work and research.

    Not only does it give a good understanding of Commission Hero but it could be used as a template for assessing all Affiliate marketing opportunities.

    A lot of what was offered by Commission Hero would appeal to many because of the dollar signs.

    I agree that if so much “value” is being given away for free, what is its true value.

    Many thanks

    • Hi, Stephen,

      Thank you for your input here, much appreciated.

      From my experience, I have seen so many people that are hungry for making money online, and the way I see it, this is the market (targeted audience) for training programs and business opportunities like Commission Hero (and many others that promise big earnings in a little amount of time, with little work).

      To be honest, I used to be too just as much hungry as a lot of people out there (who couldn’t use a few thousand bucks extra?), until I got scammed a few times and finally have come to realize and learn how all this internet marketing thing works.

      Thank God, I am not that naive anymore and every time I hear about something that is too good to be true, I try to do my own research on it to understand what it is all about and how money is actually made.

      If this is something that doesn’t clearly show the process, I usually choose to stay away from doubtful programs.

      I am glad you have enjoyed my article here and I hope to see you here soo again reading more of my content.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Wow-what an honest and complete review.

    Too many reviewers I’ve found are not doing an actual review – all they are doing is trying to get you to buy their system.

    Your honest and frank pros and cons – are very much appreciated.

    It helped me to make an informed decision.

    I definitely didn’t have money to waste and unfortunately have been fooled too many times.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you have found this useful.

      I am also sorry to hear you have been scammed too, I totally understand you and I know how it feels (been there, done that).

      Best Wishes,


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