What is Arbonne International? – Good Opportunity or Another MLM Pyramid Scheme? (Honest Review)

Are you a busy mama looking for ways to make money from home? Then most probably you have come across Arbonne business opportunity and wonder What is Arbonne International?

Arbonne has a bunch of products we use every day and selling them to make an extra income might seem quite an interesting idea. 

In this Arbonne review, I will go into details about this company, their compensation plan, pros and cons, and hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision for yourself whether this is what you were looking for.

Arbonne International OverviewWhat is Arbonne International? - The Logo

Full Name: Arbonne International

Type: MLM Business Opportunity

Website: https://www.arbonne.com/

Founder: Petter Mørck

Price to Join: $29-$69 + Starter Kits + Monthly Purchases

Recommended? No

Important Note:

I find it’s important to mention beforehand that I am not an Arbonne consultant and have never been in my life.

So, you can rest assured that you will not find me here promoting Arbonne products, convincing you to buy them, or join Arbonne business opportunity. 

To be honest, I am not a big fan of MLM companies but not because of the companies in the first place but because of the business model they are using. 

I have found another business model that is much more comfortable to accomplish, without having to destroy relationships with your relatives and close friends. 

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What is Arbonne?

Based in the city of Irvine, California, USA, Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company that produces and sells botanically-based products in the skincare industry and nutritional supplements industry.

It was established in 1980 and its mother organization is a well-known Yves Rocher company. In February 2018, it was acquired, together with its sister company, Natures Gate, by Groupe Rocher.

Nowadays, Arbonne products are sold through a network of more than 200 000 Independent Consultants in such countries as Australia, Canada, New Zeland, United Kingdom, Poland, and the United States.

Who is the Founder?

What is Arbonne International? - Petter Mørck
Petter Mørck (1939-2008)

Arbonne International was founded by a Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mørck.

Prior to that, Peter was working for more than a decade within a Norwegian skincare company and was highly unsatisfied with the quality of the products the company was producing at that time.

That was one of the noble reasons why Peter has decided to start his own company so that he could offer a better product alternative to the world.

Another reason was that he wanted to create a company that would make a difference in people’s lives.

“When I dreamt of Arbonne, I wanted it to be a place where people could flourish” – Petter Mørck.

If you want to know a little bit more about this extraordinary man and why he was wearing red glasses, you may wish to watch this video below:


What is Arbonne’s Financial Situation?

According to BusinessForHome.org, Arbonne was close to making $600 million in sales in 2017.

That is good to know that the company is actually recording enough amount of money from selling its own products. 

I am sure you wouldn’t want to join a company that is registering negative numbers in terms of profits, right?

Are Arbonne Products Any Good?

If an MLM company would offer an excellent product, it would be much easier to sell it, as well as to bring new people into the business.

According to Arbonne’s Ingredients Policy:

“Arbonne is healthy living, inside and out. From the beginning, Arbonne has developed pure products with botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested formulas. We combine the best of science and nature to produce formulas that deliver incredible results”.

But are Arbonne’s products are truly pure, safe, and beneficial as they claim them to be? Let’s not simply take their word and do our own research, shall we?


What is Arbonne International? - Pure, Safe and Beneficial Products


Indeed, Arbonne products are backed up by a bunch of certifications that are aimed to prove Arbonne products’ quality.

Thus, Arbonne products are certified by:

the Vegan Society

the Gluten-Free Certification Organization

the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG)

GI Labs


PETA (Cruelty-free)

Also, it seems like they truly want to be as transparent as possible with their customers, making public on their official website, A NOT ALLOWED List of Ingredients.

However, I have been reading over the internet that this is something that did change in the last few years.

Back in 2013, there was no chance to find out what are the ingredients they are using in their products unless you were holding a tube of cream in your hands or, asked an Arbonne consultant to send you the list of ingredients for any specific product you are interested in, to your email inbox. 

But, no matter what Arbonne is saying to us about how good their products are, the best indicator of all times remains what the customer has to say about the products. 

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Arbonne had 0 complaints at all at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Next, Arbonne products could be found on Amazon, and there these get between 3,3 and 4,6 stars ratings.

This proves what sitejabber.com is also noting about Arbonne:


What is Arbonne International? - SiteJabber Reviews

How Much Does it Cost to Join Arbonne?

There are two options to choose from when joining Arbonne: Preferred Client and Independent Consultant. 

So, if you decide to join Arbonne as a Preferred Client, you’ll have to take out of your pocket $29 to pay for the registration fee that goes for 12 months term and it’s renewed every consecutive year.

For this, you’ll get a 20% discount on all orders you make, and 40% Value Packs. This option is for you if you just want to use Arbonne products and experience great savings. 

If you choose to sign up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant, the registration fee is $49. This also goes for one year, and when/if you’d want to renew, that will cost you an additional $29 fee every year. 

At the same time, if you would like to upgrade to Preferred Client, there is another fee of $20 to be paid. 

Also, please note that the registration fee is required for orders under 500 QV (Qualifying Volume).

If you’ll decide to buy one of Arbonne’s Starter Kits, then there is no need to pay for the registration fee.

If you wonder yourself: do I need to purchase Arbonne products on my own?

Then I’ll ask you back, how you are going to promote them if you are not using Arbonne products yourself?

To make your life easier, Arbonne has you covered with the Starter Kits which cost anywhere between $270 to $500 for you to choose from.

What is Arbonne International? - Starter Kit

In this way, the start-up costs could easily add up to a few hundred dollars, excluding the monthly recurring orders you have to purchase.

How to Make Money With Arbonne?

So, in order to be able to start earning money with Arbonne, you’ll need to become their Independent Consultant (Preferred Clients are not eligible to earn commissions).

Arbonne didn’t reinvent the wheel and the way you are going to make money with them is not much different from the other MLM companies.

#1. Retail Profit 

If you like selling staff in person then you might want to take advantage of this first method. You’ll earn 35% of every sale you make to Clients and 15% – on your Preferred Clients’ purchases.

Be careful though, and don’t annoy too much your friends and family as this could harm your relationship and good attitude. 

#2. “Promote Yourself Through the Arbonne Success Plan and Increase Your Income”

Again, no different from the other MLM business opportunities, you potentially could increase your income if you would start inviting other people to join Arbonne business opportunity. 

In this way, you will earn what is called overrides which are commissions paid to you on the product sales volume of your team.

Pay attention here that you are earning 6% only from your first downline which is your immediate direct referrals.

Everything that’s beyond that, you earn 0% (as shown in the screenshot below).

What is Arbonne International? - Overrides

Do you see here a potential for earning a passive income, that the multi-level marketing business model is promising to deliver? Let me know in the comments what do you think!

Besides that, there is also a Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus (which is available when you get to the Vice-President rank) and some other cash bonuses.

Don’t get fulled with this Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus as it’s just a lease, not a dream car reward that is offered by some of the MLM companies.

Do They Allow You to Use the Internet to Build Your Business?

Thankfully, Arbonne is not one of those MLM companies that don’t allow their distributors to use the power of the internet to build their businesses.

Once you join Arbonne, you’ll get a replicated website and a possibility to manage your business online. 

Is Arbonne Legitimate?

Arbonne is a legitimate business for a number of reasons:

#1. They have been in business for over 40 years.

#2. They are a Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which provides proof that it’s not a pyramid scheme or any type of scam.

#2. They received an A+ accreditation with the BBB.

What is Arbonne International? - BBB Accredited


Can You Make Money With Arbonne International?

Maybe I will disappoint you by saying that there is no fixed answer to this question.

Theoretically, if you truly like Arbonne products, love them and use them every day, and can recommend them to someone, not for the sake of the commissions but for your customer satisfaction, then, of course, chances are that you can do well selling Arbonne products. 

If you add to this picture your good sales skills, as well as some of the leadership skills, there is a probability (even though a very small one) that you could get to the top of Arbonne.

In practice though, things are not so shiny, unfortunately. Let’s take a look at what actual Arbonne consultants are making.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a more recent version of how much Arbonne consultants are making on average. So, I’ll refer to this document for 2017:

What is Arbonne International? - Arbonne Consultants Income Disclosure for 2017


From this results that:

  • 62% of the Arbonne Independent Consultants have made a total of $788 for the entire year of 2017
  • 28% of the Arbonne Independent Consultants have managed to make a total of $3 450 for the entire year of 2017

If we divide what the luckiest ones have made in a month ($3 450/12), then we’ll receive $287,5 per month which, I guess, may allow you to only pay your bills, am I right?

The conclusion is that the majority of Arbonne consultants couldn’t make a substantial income with Arbonne’s business opportunity.

The Good and The Bad


#1. A Variety of Products to Sell

You will find a bunch of different products you could sell. They have 5 different product categories like skincare, bath, and body, hair, nutrition, and makeup.

So almost anything you could think of a woman (or even man) would need for their everyday care and healthy lifestyle, you can find at Arbonne.

#2. No Need to Carry Inventory

Once your customers placed their orders, Arbonne is taking care of shipping the products directly to your customers.

#3. No Misleading Claims About How Much You Can Make

This is the part I like the most with Arbonne.

It’s quite easy nowadays to fall into the trap of different money-making programs and opportunities (especially for beginners) because these are claiming at every step of the way how easily you will start making money with them the next day, if not this evening. 

Thankfully, that is not the case of Arbonne, and actually, they took care to include this important income disclaimer on their official web page:


What is Arbonne International? - Income Disclaimer


#1. Requirements to Monthly Purchases

In order to qualify for earning commissions when selling Arbonne’s products, there are some requirements to be met every month.

So, you’ll have to purchase monthly Arbonne’s products for your personal use, which will cost a minimum of $50.

Of course, if you don’t want to bear these monthly expenses, you don’t have to, but in this case, you will not get paid on what someone else makes.

#2. Beware of Lawsuits Against Arbonne

Unfortunately, Arbonne couldn’t avoid tarnishing its reputation by the lawsuits filed against the company for different reasons.

For example, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana found that Arbonne violated federal law by refusing to hire Lisa Wilson who suffered from deafness. This careless move cost Arbonne $30 000.

Another lawsuit was related to Arbonne being accused of running a pyramid scheme.

The lawsuit was filled by a Texas couple, Cynthia and Michael Dagnall, who represented hundreds of thousands of Arbonne Independent Consultants (AIC).

They claimed that all the money that Arbonne was making was generated not from product sales to customers but from the imposed AIC requirement to spend money on startup packages, annual dues, and a hefty inventory of products.

On top of that, Arbonne was sued by a customer called Vicki Swanson who claimed that after she started taking Arbonne products, these caused her an acute liver failure.

The product that she was taking is “30-Day Feeling Fit Kit” and the woman claims that she had never had liver issues before.

Now, imagine that you have invested with Arbonne’s business opportunity and are making quite good and stable income with them. 

And let’s assume that Arbonne couldn’t handle one of the situations described above and run out of business? (that’s just an assumption, God forbid from ever happening anything like that).

Imagine that you would have lost everything you have managed to build at Arbonne?

Now, answer yourself if it worths it since regulations are getting more and more strict on MLM companies. 

#3. No Training is Provided

With the exceptions to some of the advice to building a list of 100 people and host parties at your home where you’ll invite your friends and relatives to showcase Arbonne products and present them Arbonne business opportunity, there is no other training provided at Arbonne to teach you how to generate leads to your business. 


What is Arbonne International? - Outdated Strategies

This might not be a problem for some of the MLM veterans but if you are just starting out, you might have a tough time trying to get people to sing up with you at Arbonne.

My Final Opinion About Arbonne International + A Better Alternative

Based on all that I have explained above, I can’t find Arbonne business opportunity worthwhile your time and money.

With all the expenses you have to bear (registration fees, monthly purchases, product packs), most probably, you’ll spend more money before even start earning something by selling Arbonne products. 

The fact that they are providing you with a replicated website is not going to serve you much since there is no training on how you can use the internet to make sales. 

I bet you don’t want to spam a ton of people on social media or increase even more your spendings on paid advertising. 

That is why, before even deciding on what you’d want to be selling, I highly recommend you start learning Internet Marketing if you haven’t yet done so.

Trust me, with this knowledge, you can sell online anything you can think of.

Imagine how it would feel seeing online sales coming into your account without having to convince anyone to buy what you have to offer?

Without having to pay for advertising because your online asset (aka website) is generating a ton of free traffic on its own?

If the word “website” is what get you scared to death, don’t worry, nowadays, you don’t need any coding knowledge in order to be able to build and maintain a website. 

With all these good stuff, there is still some work that needs to be done by YOU.

So, if you re serious about building your own online business, I highly recommend you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and now, you know a little bit more What is Arbonne International.

If you have any questions, regarding Arbonne, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment down below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

As always, I am sending my best wishes to you,


Arbonne International MLM






Business Opportunity



  • A Variety of Products to Sell
  • No Need to Carry Inventory
  • No Misleading Claims About How Much You Can Make


  • Requirements to Monthly Purchases
  • Beware of Lawsuits Against Arbonne
  • No Up-to-Date Training Provided

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    This is my first time hearing of Arbonne, but I feel confident in knowing that if I ever were to go this route, I wouldn’t get caught up in a scandalous pyramid scheme. Haha Thanks again, and God bless you!

  2. Hello, great job on explaining Arbonne International good and bad to those of us who have never heard of them.

    After reading your review, for me, the bad by far outweighs the good with this company. With all the legit scams out there these days we need all the help we can get to keep from wasting our money on these things.

    Thanks for the review


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