What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? – Your Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide

Hey there! Are you looking to learn What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn it?

Being an affiliate marketer is a very popular thing many people are doing these days.

Affiliate marketing allows these people to earn an extra income or even full-time income from home or from anywhere in the world, where there is an internet connection.

Affiliate marketing is a cool thing that gives people the possibility to work while travel around the world and even make money while they are sleeping!

Guessing what you need to have in order to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Keep reading my post as I will further explain how you can do this too!

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So you have come to the conclusion that you want to become an affiliate marketer.

If you are a newbie to this industry, most probably you would like to know the basics from where you can start out.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I will give you my definition of what affiliate marketing is, let me first tell you in simple words that affiliate marketing is something that we all do almost on a daily basis, without even acknowledging it.

Have you ever recommended to someone (for example, your friends or family) a product or service, that you have tried and loved?

Most probably, your answer to this question is YES, because we use different products and services daily and naturally share our users experience with other people.

You may even don’t like the product or service and end up talking about your negative experience.

OK, so here is my definition of affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you can make money by referring people to visit someone’s else websites and buy products or services.

Here is an illustration of how affiliate marketing works:

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - Affiliate Marketing Business Model


The cool part is that you don’t even need to create your own product in order to be able to earn money.

Affiliate marketing is done through affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

All you have to do is to create an affiliate account with affiliate programs or affiliate networks, grab your affiliate link and promote it via your website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.), solo ads, email marketing, and other ways that are convenient for you.

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What Is An Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Programs are also known as Associate Programs and these represent arrangements between you as an affiliate and the merchant’s website, to which you are going to send traffic.

There are different types of affiliate program payment arrangements that could be done:

  • Pay-Per-Sale or Cost-Per-Sale

In this type of arrangement, the merchant website pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer who makes a purchase.

The most popular affiliate program that uses this type of payment arrangement is the Amazon Associates Program, which pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale, usually between 4-8%.

Other affiliate programs may pay a fixed amount per sale.

  • Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click

In Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs, you are going to display ads on your website and you are going to be paid based on the numbers of clicks on the ads that come through your website.

It doesn’t really matter for you what visitors do after they have clicked the ads, they don’t even have to buy anything!

There are many PPC affiliate programs out there, one of the most popular ones is Google Adsense advertising program.

How much can you earn with PPC affiliate programs? Well, this depends on the niche you are in, but the average CPC in all industries is anything around $2.69.

  • Pay-Per-Lead or Cost-Per-Lead

When you sign up for a Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Program, you are going to be paid based on the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads.

Signing up as a lead simply means the visitor fulfills a certain action on the merchant website, like signing up a contact form, downloading a file, etc.What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - Affiliate Programs

The merchant site owner may use these leads to make sales later or can further sell those leads to other companies.

These are only three examples of payment arrangements, there are many others as well and basically, a company could set up an affiliate program based on any kind of action that would benefit its business.

Affiliates will then get paid based on the number of visitors they send that perform that specific required action.

There are many affiliate programs out there in every specific niche with what you can collaborate with.

If you are looking for affiliate programs in your niche, you simply type in Google your niche + affiliate programs and you will find plenty of affiliate programs that you can sign up with and start promoting different products or services.

For example, if you are in the basketball niche, you will want to type in Google search basketball + affiliate programs and see what comes up. Let me give you an example here:



What is Affiliate MArketing and How to Learn? - Affiliate Programs Examples


And one another example here:


What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - Affiliate Marketing Programs in the Flower Niche


You can apply this to literally any niche you want and you will never run out of affiliate programs to sign up with, as there many in any niche you can think of.

What Is An Affiliate Network?

You shouldn’t confuse Affiliate programs with Affiliate networks.

Both works in the same way, still there is a difference between them.

Affiliate networks are groups of associated or affiliated companies where you can find compatible or complementary products to promote.


What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - Affiliate Marketing Networks

Some examples of Affiliate Networks are as follows:

  • ClickBank.com
  • Warrior Plus.com
  • JVZoo.com
  • ShareASale.com
  • Cj.com

When you sign up with the Affiliate network, you get access to many more products that you can start promoting right away.

The Advantage of Finding Your Own Niche

Whatever the affiliate program or affiliate network you are going to choose to sign up with, before even doing that, you first need to come up with the idea of your niche.

What the heck is a niche, you may wonder?


What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - The Importance of a Niche


A niche is a very simple thing to comprehend as we are surrounded by many different niches every day.

In simple words, a niche is a distinct segment of a market, it is an audience, a specific group of people that are searching for specific products online.

When you are going to choose your own niche, my recommendation for you is to focus on something that you really love or are really passionate about.

You have to have a great interest in your niche as this is going to be the foundation of your business in the long run.

Your website will be built around your niche and you will have to be focusing on it in the long-term.

So, that is why if you choose something that is not really an interest for you, after a short period of time you will get bored and will not want to proceed with this subject anymore.

If you feel like you have an interest for a particular niche, but don’t have enough experience and expertise to share with people, don’t worry, as in the process of building your website, you are going to research your topic via the internet, books, magazines, etc.

In the process, you will become more and more acknowledged about your niche and will have to offer more information of your own to your audience in comparison with other people that are not doing this kind of research.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in the position when you feel like the niche you have chosen is not really your passion or interest and this is completely fine!

It is ok to change your niches until you find something that really interests you and you have a true passion for it.

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Focus on Helping People – The Noble YouWhat is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - Focus on Helping People

From the very beginning when you start out with your online business, if you really want to make it a successful one, your focus is going to be, first and foremost, on helping people.

You are going to provide value to your readers through your content on your website and you are going to be offering them answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

This is the way how it works. By helping people to solve a problem or to overcome a situation, you are going to build trust with your audience, which is your niche.

When you create this kind of relationship with your audience, you are becoming an authority in your niche.

People tend to buy products or services from people or places that they TRUST.

That is why it is so important for you to focus first of all on helping people in your niche, build a relationship of trust with your audience, rather than on making money.

Believe me, if you are able to do this, there is no way for you to not make money online in this business.

This is more a business of helping people, rather than selling to them. When you run this kind of business, you actually not selling anything, you just help people to find solutions to their problems.

Learn How To Become A Successful Affiliate MarketerWhat is Affiliate Marketing and How to Learn? - You can Start it for FREE

If you like the idea of making money online using affiliate marketing, but you are a complete newbie to this industry, you are going to need a helping hand that will guide you through the process.

I know you do because I know how it feels like doing it on your own and feeling lost so many times.

Running an online business is a complex process in which you are going to learn a lot of things that will help you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

This is the way I am doing it and if you have doubts about whether it works or not, the biggest evidence that it is working is the fact that you are now on this page reading my content.

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