What is 12 Minute Affiliate System?

What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? – Can You Easily Bank $460+ Per Day?

Hey there! Are you a stay-at-home-mom looking to learn What is 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Devon Brown and David Sloan are claiming that you can have a super-profitable affiliate marketing business with their system that takes literally just 12 minutes to set up, and you should start seeing your affiliate sales coming in “before you go to bed tonight”.

More than that, they say that you can start making $460 + per day using this system. But is this actually real and possible?

I am a stay-at-home-mom and I have spent hours researching thoroughly this program, and can it actually make you money, even if you are a complete beginner?

Interested? Then let’s waste no more time and dig into the facts right now!

12 Minute Affiliate System OverviewWhat is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - The Logo

Full Name: 12 Minute Affiliate System

Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System

Website: https://easy.12minuteaffiliate.com/

Owner: Devon Brown & David Sloan

Price: $9.95 to test-drive the system; + UpSells (up to $800)

Recommended? No

Important Note:

When it comes to Internet Marketing, I am not a big fan of any kind of automation tool with some small exceptions.

I believe that these will rather harm than help, especially when it comes to SEO and user experience.

That is why if you are serious about building your own online business, I recommend you learn all the skills needed to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

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What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - The Product

This is a ‘done-for-you, plug-and-play” affiliate marketing system that promises to make easy earnings, “before you go to bed tonight”.

While this may sound very appealing for some people, this sounds too good to be true for me and actually raises the red flags.

Basically, if you decide to buy this 12 Minute Affiliate System, you are going to get access to the marketing tools (like sales funnels, opt-in forms, lead pages, etc., all prebuild and pre-designed) to promote different affiliate offers from Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior Plus.

This system is itself a Clickbank affiliate product that is being sold by the “Easiest System Ever, LLC”.

Who Is The Founder?What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Devon Brown

According to his website www.devonbrown.com, here is what Devon Brown has to say about himself:

“I’m an author, speaker, emcee, entertainer, internet entrepreneur, former hip-hop dancer, and student of life.

I mostly talk about entrepreneurship, dating, and personal growth… but I’m more than happy to wade into other topics from time to time”. – Devon Brown

It seems like Devon has a Bachelor’s degree in an area that he didn’t want to work in – Sports Management.

Instead, he has found his calling in educating people on such topics as how to become better at dating, at running a business, and how to become a better version of yourself while enjoying life.

How 12 Minute Affiliate System Works?

If you like video content more, you can watch this Youtube video that explains how 12 Minute Affiliate System works:



When you land on their official website, you are going to be taken through several minutes of a video presentation that has not even have Devon speaking or showing his face.

If you like what you hear in this video presentation, you then are going to be invited to test-drive the system for just $9.95.

This is a risk-free investment as they offer a money-back guarantee because they are selling this system through Clickbank, and this is one of the Clickbank requirements for selling digital products.

Once you are inside the member area, you will find concrete steps to follow and tasks to complete – this is going to be the process itself of setting up the system.


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - 3 Simple Steps


Each of the steps is very well explained and intuitive, but in case if you don’t understand something about how to do it, there is walking through video for every step, as well as written instructions, just in case you prefer more to read rather than watch.

Let’s go through each of the steps, so you get a clear understanding of what you are going to be going:


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - The Members Area


Step #1. Create a Free Affiliate Account

This is where you are going to be creating your Clickbank account if you don’t have yet one.

If you don’t know how to create a Clickbank account, don’t worry as it’s pretty easy and in fact, they are providing a walk-through video on how to do it.

If you do have a Clickbank account already, then you will be asked to fill in your Clickbank ID and this is basically it for this step.

Step #2. Get Your Auto-ResponderWhat is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Email Autoresponder

In this step, you are going to be creating an account for an email-autoresponder (usually a paid service, so prepare to be paying a monthly fee for it, anywhere between $20-$150 per month, depending on what plan you choose).

Step #3. Set-up Your Auto-Responder

This is where you are going to be setting your email campaign sequences to follow-up with your prospects that the system is supposed to gather for you.

In these emails, you will be sending them information about the affiliate offers and products, including your affiliate links so when/if somebody decides to buy the product, you can get your affiliate commission.

Step #4. Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

In this step, you are going to be setting up the sales funnels for all the affiliate offers, including your affiliate links.

These sales funnels were pre-designed in the three niches, I have mentioned above: make money online, weight loss, and relationship.

Depending on what plan you decide to pay in this 12 Minute Affiliate System (I will go through different payment plans shortly), you will get access to one niche, or to all three niches.

Step #5. Done-For-You Set Up (Optional)What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Done-For-You Set Up

If you don’t even want to spend time setting up the system, you can delegate these tasks to the 12 Minute Affiliate System team and they will do all the system’s set-up process for you.

All you have to do is to go through the steps #1 and #2, and then skip ahead to the step #5.

Of course, you are going to be covering the costs for this done-for-you set up which I will explain further in this article.

Step #6. Get Done-For-You Traffic

In order to be able to make money with this system, you are going to be buying traffic to your affiliate offers. So, if you are thinking of buying the 12 Minute Affiliate System, make sure you set aside an advertising budget.

There are many ways to get paid traffic, and one of them is solo ads.

In this step, you are going to use the web source Udimi.com that is a well-known marketplace for buying and selling solo ads.

Most probably, you already know that solo ads represent email addresses of people who are interested in a particular topic.

Solo ads seller on Udimi rents the email list that they own for exchange of money and you, as a solo ads purchaser use those email addresses to promote your affiliate offers.

I personally haven’t bought solo ads yet, but I have heard that one should be very cautious from who to buy these solo ads because simply buying them doesn’t mean you will automatically make money.

This happens because not all sellers provide quality solo ads meaning not all those leads and prospects are real people who are really interested in what you have to offer them.

On top of that, here is what I have found about this “Done-For-You Traffic” from a former 12 Minute Affiliate System member:


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Done-For-You-Traffic

The whole system focuses on the three main niches: home-based business (make money online), weight loss and personal development.

All the sales funnels you are going to find inside the system were built around these 3 main niches, and there will be specific affiliate products that are already pre-selected for you.

They call them “top-converting products” meaning these are already proven to sell.

If you would like to promote any other products rather than just those that were already pre-selected for you in this system, you will want to create sales funnels and opt-in pages of your own, according to these specific products that you want to promote.

Also, if you want to get into any other niches, there is no way for you to do it in this system unless you know how to set up sales funnels and email marketing campaigns for those niches of your liking.

TOOLS & Resources

Done-For-You Funnels (Value: $2,240)

So, basically, in this system, you will find pre-build and pre-designed sales funnel, which you will have to customize with your information (you affiliate links, essentially), in order to get credit for the affiliate sales you will make.

Now, I want you to pay attention to these price points that they have included here.

I have already reviewed a number of different affiliate marketing systems and training courses (like 4 Percent Success Challenge, Super Affiliate System, Kibo Code, Commission Hero, Authority Hacker) and I am seeing these high valued prices almost in every program out there.

And I am asking myself if they consider that these sales funnels really cost $2 240, then why they don’t go ahead and sell them for this price?

What I personally think is that this is a simple marketing trick to sell you easier this system. I am really curious what do you think about this? Let me know in the comments!


Done-For-You-Emails (Value: $3,200)

Again, if you don’t want to sit down and write all those emails to follow-up with your prospects, or you don’t know how to do that, in this system you will find pre-written email swipes you can use, and all you need to do is to fill in your individual affiliate links).

Make note that here they also have included those high price points to assure you that you necessarily need them and encourage you to buy this 12 Minute Affiliate System.

E-Z Funnel Wizard

It allows you to create on-demand custom affiliate funnels. 

Done-For-You Traffic 

The system is based on the paid traffic which you are going to need to purchase from Udimi.

Based on what I have explained above, most likely you will purchase it from the creators of this system so that they can make even more money off of you.

At the same time, this is not mandatory and you can still purchase the traffic from elsewhere.

But be aware though, that this implies the need for setting apart an advertising budget, besides the expenses that you are going to pay for this system.


Facebook Community

This is where you are going to receive help and support if needed from other members.

BONUSES (Value: $1,591)

If you decide that this 12 Minute Affiliate System is right for you, here are what bonuses you are going to get when you become a member:

BONUS #1: The Success LibraryWhat is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - The Success Library

BONUS #2: The Free Traffic Guide

What is 12 Minute Affiliate System - The Free Traffic Guide


BONUS #3: Hot Product Promos

What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Hot Products Bonus


Price + Upsells

When you pay $9.95 to have access to this system, here is where investing money route only begins. There are monthly fees involved as well as several upsells.

Let me quickly explain to you the 4 different paths you can go in this system and how much it is going to cost you in the end.

Payment Route #1.  14 Day Trial + 1 Niche + Monthly Fees


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Payment Route #1


If you want to go just with one niche off of those three included, these are the prices that you are going to need to pay to have access to this system:

  1. $9.95 for the 14-days Trial.
  2. Upsell #1 = $39 One-time fee, after the 14 days trial ends.
  3. Upsell #2 = $67 One-time fee for the Done-For-You System Set up.
  4. $47 Monthly Fees to have access to the system for 1 niche.

Payment Route #2. 14 Days Trial + 3 Niches + Monthly Fees


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Payment Route #2


In this route, the formula changes from one niche to three niches meaning you get access to all three niches included (make money online, weight loss, and relationships).

Let’s have a closer look at what it is required to pay here:

  1. $9.95 to have access to the system for 14 days trial.
  2. Upsell #1 = $39 when the 14 days trial ends.
  3. Upsell #2 = $97 for the Done-For-You System Set Up.
  4. $97 Monthly fees to have access to the system for the 3 niches.

Payment Route #3. Life Time Access for 1 Niche


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Payment Route #3


If you want to eliminate the monthly fees, you can choose to have lifetime access to the system either for 1 niche or for the three niches.

This Payment Route #3 is for one niche and let’s see what are the costs involved:

  1. $397 one time fee to have access to 1 niche within 12 Minute Affiliate System.
  2. Upsell #1 =$39
  3. Upsell #2 = $67 for the Done-For-You System Set Up.

Payment Route #4. Lifetime Access for 3 Niches


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Payment Route #4


This is for people who want to eliminate the monthly fees and pay a higher price to have lifetime access to the three niches included in this system.

Here are the costs involved:

  1. $797 for the Lifetime access to 3 niches.
  2. Upsell #1 = $39
  3. Upsell #2 = $97 for the Done-For-You System Set-Up.

Membership Levels

There are 2 types of Memberships inside this System: Basic and Gold. You can see what’s included in each of them in the picture below:


What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? - Membership Options

The Good And The Bad


Legitimate Product

12 Minute Affiliate System is a legitimate digital product that you are going to get into your email inbox.

There are real people behind this system that you can actually get in touch with very easily in this technological day and age.

Done-For-You System

Although, I am not a big fan of the systems of this kind, still, it’s a good way to go in case you don’t want to do all the “dirty” work yourself, like creating all these sales funnels, opt-in pages, your own affiliate website, etc.

It also eliminates all the guesswork with respect to selecting affiliate offers to promote.

On the other hand, if you are keener to learn new things and master new skills, I would rather recommend you learn how to do all this work yourself because believe me if you choose this way, you will become a person who can create anything you can think of over the internet.

This process will take some time, but it is all worth it at the end of the day when you don’t have to worry about things like systems crashes because you can create your own online assets and have full control over them.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Since this product is being sold through the Clickbank marketplace (it is one of the Clickbank requirements to include the Refund Policy), they offer you a 30-days money-back guarantee, and it’s in this period of time you can return the product in case if you are unsatisfied with it.


Misleading Claims

When I have been through all the materials of this system, I have been constantly hearing and reading about how easy is to make money thanks to this system.

I personally find these claims misleading because after 5 years of research in affiliate marketing, and 1 year of practice, I know how it works.

It’s indeed easy to make money with affiliate marketing when you have your own online assets built like a website that brings you hundreds of targeted visitors daily, an email list from people who are interested in what you have to offer them, a large following on social media that trust you, etc.

It takes time to build this kind of online assets and for sure, it doesn’t happen “tonight” or the next day how Devon tries to tell you.

High Costs Involved

Based on what I have explained above about the pricing and upsells, as well as traffic sources, there are way more costs involved rather than the $9.95 initial cost.

Make sure you have an additional $300-$800, plus other expenses on advertising.

No Ongoing Training

The internet is such a thing that is constantly changing and evolving over time.

Respectively, if you want to be aware of all these changes that affect the process of making money online, you may wish to have access to a respectful and authoritative source in this field.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any signs of ongoing training on Internet/Affiliate marketing in this system, besides some sort of “special training” inside their Facebook Group.

Who Is 12 Minute Affiliate System For?

Devon and Steve are claiming that this system is very newbie-friendly and doesn’t require any prior experience or technical skills.

What I would like to stress here is the way I see it, this system is for anyone out there who doesn’t want to deal with website set up and development, content marketing and other stuff related to building your own authority niche website.

In consequence, this system is for people who don’t want to spend time learning new skills and have that amount of money to pay for the system and paid traffic.

My Final Opinion About 12 Minute Affiliate System + A Better Alternative

Honestly, I personally believe that if it would be that easy to make money with this system, as the founders claim, everybody would be doing it, right?

Based on what I have explained above, I wouldn’t recommend buying this system unless you have an extra $1K-$2K to spend on it and on advertising before even start to make any money with it.

What I would recommend instead is taking an affiliate marketing training that will actually teach you how to create and build your own authoritative online assets like an authority niche website, your own email list, and become an influencer in any niche of your liking.

If you would like to take this path, please be aware that I am not going to lie to you that you will start making money the next day. 

The truth is that whatever training program or system you decide to choose for yourself, in any case, it will take some time to build that trust and authority in your niche.

And this is the only proven way to make money ONLINE because it is no different from making money OFFLINE:

People tend to buy products and services from companies and brands they know and trust.

The good news is that you can actually become one of these trustable brands in the online space and you don’t need to bear all those costs that I have explained in this article.

Actually, you can start with ZERO costs, and when the time comes for making money, you can then invest in your own domain name, hosting services, email autoresponder, etc.

If you are interested to learn how I have managed to build this website and how you can do this too with ZERO investment, click the red button below.

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What I would like to add here is that if you feel like it’s difficult to do but there has been some time since you were thinking to finally start making money online, let me tell you that there will be NO perfect time in the future, and the right time is actually right now! 

The sooner you start, the sooner you will start seeing results from your work and effort, and the sooner you will taste that sense of freedom that affiliate marketing can give to you. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article about What is 12 Minute Affiliate System.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this system or any other topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I am a real person and I try to always reply to my readers.

Only if you feel like this information might be useful for someone else too, please share it within your social media accounts.

Thank you for reading till the end and I will talk to you in my next post!

Take care,


12 Minute Affiliate System






Overall Quality



  • Done-For-You System
  • Legitimate Product
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • High Costs Involved
  • Misleading Claims
  • No Ongoing Training

6 thoughts on “What is 12 Minute Affiliate System? – Can You Easily Bank $460+ Per Day?”

  1. Like yourself, I have been around the block and the one single thing I have learned over the years is that there are more of these “make money today, now, etc.” then there is the truth.

    And the idea of buying a list from someone that has already sold it – how many times? The success rate on those lists are so low you won’t even break even.

    Thanks for this honest and awesome article on revealing the truth on yet another fake program Natalie.


    • Hi, Rick, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

      I think this is one of the reasons I see people are more and more failing to make money with solo ads… Even if deciding to buy solo ads, there is a need for thorough research on ROI.

      Still, the best thing one could do is to build his own email list from people who follow and trust you.

      Best Wishes,

  2. Hi, thanks for the great information.

    I’m always scared to click on some of these ‘too good to be true’ offers.

    Thanks for going through the grunt work and helping make my decision an easy one.

    I like your recommendation link. I’m going to read more about them. Thanks for the info. If I have questions do you mind me coming back to you?


    • Hi, Jamie, thank you for reading, and I appreciate your feedback.

      When I first started to research how to make money online with affiliate marketing, I have been coming upon thousands and thousands of people who were claiming those easy earnings.

      And I used to be asking myself, what is that secret formula that they are not telling us unless we decide to pay thousands of dollars for their marketing courses and systems?

      Finally, I have learned that in fact there is no secret at all, and the success online lais in hard work and dedication, just as in any other business out there.

      I am glad you have liked my recommendation and of course, I am here to help if you may have any questions down the road.

      Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for this great review. I’m always skeptical of these promises because working in this industry myself, I know how long it can take to build your brand and relationships with your followers.

    These supposed “newbie-friendly” products rarely work the way they say. And what newbie has a large enough advertising budget to make it work anyway? lol

    Buying Solo Ads is very risky and expensive. In order to get good leads, you’ll be spending at least $1 per click. So if you want 200 clicks, that’s $200 spent. And those clicks don’t guarantee sales. Averages say you might get 10% sales.

    Building up your own business is the only true way to succeed. I hope your readers check out your recommendation. It looks great!


    • Hi, Suzanne, thank you so much for your valuable input, much appreciated.

      These systems may seem very attractive especially for inexperienced people as they make the process of making money online sound so simple to do as counting 1, 2, 3 and you are done with a bunch of sales so you don’t even have to work anymore :)))

      I used to be so naive before that I’ve been believing that it is possible to do just the way they are presenting it. But if you stop for a moment and dig a little bit deeper to find out how the money will be actually made?

      The reality is different and I hope by means of my website to help as many people as possible to find a genuine way of making money online.

      Best Wishes,


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