Is It Works! Global a Scam? – It Works! Global MLM Review

Hey there! If you have landed on this page through Google, I bet you are hungry to find out: Is it Works! Global a Scam?

It Works! Global sells body contouring wraps, health foods, and personal care products, and their mission is to “empower people to live the life of their dreams.”

So, are It Works! distributors are actually living their dreams?

In this It Works! Global MLM review, I’ll go into every detail about this company to see if this is a worthwhile opportunity or just another waste of time. 

Let’s get right into the things right now!

It Works! Global OverviewIs It Works! Global a Scam? - The Logo

Full Name: It Works! Global

Type: MLM Business Opportunity


Founder: Mark & Cindy Pentecost

Year of Establishment: 2001

Price to Join: $99

Recommended? No


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What is It Works! Global?

Based in Palmetto, Florida, USA, It Works! Global is a multi-level marketing company, often referred to as network marketing, direct selling, or referral marketing company.

It’s a family-owned business, manufacturing and selling beauty, wellness, and weight loss products.

Who are the Founders?Is It Works! Global a Scam? - The Founders

Mark and Cindy Pentecost is a couple that initially started in the MLM industry because they wanted an extra $500 at the end of the month.

Mark was a high school math teacher and varsity basketball coach, and Cindy was taking care of the family and kids.

They were living on a budget, from paycheck to paycheck, and getting into the direct selling was what took them out of this routine.

In one of his interviews, Mark has been witnessing that he grew up in a competitive family, where his mom and dad were always working hard to continuously improve themselves.

In the 1990s, Mark started in a direct selling company called Excel Telecommunications, a reseller of long-distance deals for landline phones. He was earning quite well so that he quit his teaching gig in 1995.

As mobile phones began taking over, and landline long-distance costs shrank, it became unprofitable, and Mark left the company but he took with him the enthusiasm for the direct selling industry.

This was the time when he and his wife, Cindy, decided to establish a multi-level marketing company of their own. If you would like to learn more about Mark and Cindy and their story, you may wish to watch this video below:


What is It Works! Global Financial Situation?

During the first five years of It Works! Global operation, Mark had to invest a lot of time and energy, as well as spent more of his own capital to keep the enterprise afloat.

Then, in 2005, the company hit profitability, and by 2008, they paid all the debts and began to expand in other countries.

In recent years though, there was a decline in total sales, and revenue, as a result.

Between 2015 and 2018, the revenue dropped from $748 million to $600 million and continued to decrease in 2019.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Financial Situation

What Are It Works! Global Products?Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Toning Wraps

The company first started with selling toning wraps,  as a way of riding the fitness craze of baby boomers.

Later on, they have extended their product line, including the following categories:

Beauty & Personal Care – anti-aging skincare, serum, creams, sanitizers, toners, defining gel, etc.

Nutrition – super green, super red supplements, probiotics, cleansers, shakes, etc.

Weight Control & Keto Products – Keto teas, Keto coffee, carbs, cleansers, etc.

Energy & Endurance – immunity supplements, protein shakes, and drinks, etc.

Is It Works! Global a Scam? - The Products

Are It Works! Products Worth Their Price?

The It Works! flagship product is It Works! Cleanse. It is a two-day program consisting of special drinks, supplements, and diet tips that promise to rid your body of toxins and help you lose weight.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that It Works! products health benefits lack evidence to support these claims.

Also, the statements regarding It Works! products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Another interesting fact I have found is the majority part of It Works! products are made from a proprietary blend of herbs that includes aloe vera, blue agave, and various extracts like beetroot, ginger, pineapple, and green tea.

However, the amounts of these compounds in the drink are not listed.

Being that It Works! only lists ingredients as part of a proprietary blend and does not disclose exactly how much of each ingredient you’re consuming, it’s likely that these drinks contain only trace amounts of the listed ingredients.

This makes It Works! products costly and unnecessary, and with $40-60 you would pay for It Works! cleanser, you could easily purchase nutritious, whole foods for a few days that better support your health.

Should I mention that It Works! cleanse drinks contain added sugar which may have a negative impact on your body?

The cleanse drinks contain 13 grams — a whopping 3.3 teaspoons of sugar per 4-ounce (117-ml) serving.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Cleanse Supplement Facts


Because It Works! does not disclose how much of that sugar comes from natural fruit extracts, it’s likely that most of the sugar comes from the beet sugar used to make the beverage taste sweet.

Added sugar does not only contribute to weight gain and chronic health conditions like heart disease but can also harm your gut health — one of the things that It Works claims the Cleanse benefits.

Next, the diet tips are nothing special, and none of what we didn’t know before: drink enough water, “maintain a healthy, well-balanced” diet, avoid “bad” foods like saturated fats, white potatoes, packaged foods, and soda.

It’s important to note that the majority of It Works! distributors have no nutrition education.

Maybe that’s the reason why It Works! products receive so many negative reviews and customer complaints? Or that’s because the products are not so good as they are marketed?

58% of the reviews submitted to Trustpilot are bad. Here’s just one of them I have taken a screenshot for you:


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Negative Reviews on Trustpilot

How Much Does it Cost to Join It Works! Global?

If you want to become an It Works! distributor, you’ll need to purchase a basic Starter Kit for $99, before taxes and shipping.

It includes some of the products like:

  • Ultimate Body Applicator (the product that made the company famous)
  • trial size defining gels
  • 5 keto coffees
  • 5 of the super greens
  • 5 of the lemon energy packs
  • some marketing materials,
  • a back-office, and a website for a month (in order to be able to use them further, that’s a $20 a month extra).

How to Make Money With It Works! Global?

One of the mottos of the company is “Earn While You Learn”. So, they are accepting anyone even with zero experience and knowledge on how to make this thing work.

According to It Works! Compensation Plan, there are 7 ways to get paid and rewarded:

#1. Retail Commissions

This is where you can earn cash in hand or online, up to 40%. As an It Works! distributor, you get products at wholesale price.

When your customers buy products at retail prices, whether in person or through your website, the difference is going to be your profit.

Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Retail Commissions


#2. Loyal Customer Program

This is where you can earn up to 45% of customers’ orders. When a person joins It Works! Loyal Customer Program, they are able to get wholesale pricing on all of the products.

Because you’re the person who enrolled them, your commission is 15% of their total order each month.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Loyal Customer Program


#3. Fast Start Bonus

This is where you are going to start to get paid for enrolling more Loyal Customers. There’s a three-tier process. First, you must be qualified for this First Start Bonus.

For that, you’ll need to join and set up a BV (Business Volume) Autoship, and complete tier 1 by enrolling 2 loyal customers in your first 30 days.

Next, help someone who joins with you to do the exact same thing. Every two customers, they personally enroll, you’ll earn $50, and up to $150 for 6 customers.

Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Fast Start Bonus


#4. Unilevel Leadership Bonus

When you start build-up your organization, you then can earn up to 42% through 6 levels.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Unilevel Leadership Bonus


#5. Diamond Generation Bonus

Obviously, this bonus is being paid only when/if you reach the Diamond level. 


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Diamond Generation Bonus


#6. Diamond Leadership Bonus

Again, this is a bonus that is available at the Diamond level only and it’s paid when someone in your organization becomes qualified for Fast Start Bonus by getting two loyal customers.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Diamond Leadership Bonus


#7.  Leadership Incentives and Bonuses

This includes incentive trips like helicopters rides, private jet excursions, ranch giveaways, and island adventures.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Leadership Incentives and Bonuses

Do They Allow You to Use the Internet to Build Your Business?

Your personalized It Works! website, eSuite access, and full use of the It Works! Connect™ apps are free for your first month.

Keep in mind that you will be automatically charged a monthly subscription fee for continued access to these optional business-building tools.

Is It Works! Global Legitimate?

While It Works! Global is a legitimate business, it seems to gain a worse and worse reputation.

It received a C+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is the lowest.

The reason for this rating is that the “business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints”. 

The complaints were related to consumers alleging that after trying to cancel with the business, they continue to receive additional products.

On top of that, consumers also state that they have found additional charges being taken from their accounts that the business has not informed them would be occurring.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - BBB Alert

Can You Make Money With It Works! Global?

The answer is yes, you can but I think the most important question is how much money you can make for the time and effort needed to put into this business?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at It Works! Global Annual Income Disclosure Statement.

The latest version I have found on their website is for 2018 (thankfully, they provide this kind of information, while some of the MLMs don’t do that at all). 


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - 2018 Income Disclosure Statement


As we can see from this chart above, the majority of It Works! distributors (83,2%) have earned some money as a side gig.

If you are considering joining It Works! business to quit your day job, you’ll need to get to at least Triple Diamond Level which is one of the top positions in the company. 

One thing that we shouldn’t overlook here is that these numbers don’t even represent distributors’ profits, as they don’t consider expenses incurred by a Distributor in the promotion of his/her business.

So, in reality, the profits are even lower than the numbers in this chart. 


The Good and The Bad


#1. A Variety of Business Tools Provided

As I have already mentioned in one of the above sections of this post, when you become an It Works representative, you’ll receive your own replicated website, a back office, and even a dedicated app that lets you manage your It Works! business right from your phone. 

#2. Affordable Start-up Cost

Is $100 to start your own business seems like a lot to you? If yes, look at the start-up costs of Matilda Jane MLM.

#3. A Variety of Products to Sell

With so many product categories, from personal care to nutrition, to apparel, and accessories, everyone could find something to buy from It Works! Global.


#1. Most People Failed to Earn a Substantial Income

As I have already explained above, most people are not earning enough to quit their jobs and make a full-time living from selling It Works! products and business opportunity.

#2. You Pay to Terminate

If you wake up one morning and decide that no longer wish to be an It Works! distributor, you’ll need to pay a $50 cancellation fee.

This is what they are not telling you upfront and what has been the reason for numerous customers’ complaints.


Is It Works! Global a Scam? - BBB Complaint


#3. Troubles with FTC

On April 24, 2020, the Federal Trade Commission has sent a warning letter to It Works! Global management about the numerous earning claims made by It Works distributors during the COVID-19 crisis. 

FTC finds these claims to be false and misleading, violating FTC rules and regulations. 

#4. Monthly Purchases Requirements

In order to be able to earn commissions with It Works! Global, it’s not enough to just sign up.

You’ll have to meet monthly purchases requirements to be qualified for commissions. So expect to be spending money (around $80-$100 a month) on It Works! products before you could start making any money at all.

Is It Works! Global a Scam? - Commissions Qualified


#5. Cold Messaging Sales Tactics

This is what you are going to be taught to build your business and use your business tools like apps and your personalized website.

Texting people you never talk to before, about It Works! products and ultimately, the business opportunity. 

I think this is the ugliest way to do business and I never recommend you do so. 

#6. No Money-Back Guarantee

If you would want to return It Works! Global products, there is no way you can get your money back.

They say on their website that the products work differently for everybody and so, there is no money-back guarantee. 

My Final Opinion About It Works! Global + A Better Alternative

Given all I have found about this company, I can’t recommend it as a way to make money.

If you are looking for something that would let you earn a full-time income, this is definitely not the best way to go. 

It Works! Global says you can earn while you learn but what they are teaching you is to cold message people on social media to make money which is, let’s face it, one of the most repulsive ways to approach people. 

Even as a side gig, I think it’s simply not worth it to invest your time and money into something which will not get your investment back.

What I suggest instead is looking into blogging and affiliate marketing.

It’s a way more passive way to make money where you don’t need to annoy anyone in order to be profitable. This is what I do and I love it!

If you are new to this business model, check out Wealthy Affiliate which is an awesome learning platform that has a step-by-step training on how to build an online business from scratch. 

It’s so much more to WA, it’s like a one-stop-shop for online entrepreneurs. You’ll find everything you need, including state-of-the-art website hosting, a keyword research tool, 24/7 unlimited support, and a lot more.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and now, you have an answer to your question: Is It Works! Global a Scam?

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

As always, I wish you stay safe and well, and I will talk to you within my next post very soon!


It Works! Global MLM






Business Opportunity



  • Affordable Start-up Cost
  • A Variety of Products to Sell
  • A Variety of Business Tools


  • Most People Failed to Make a Sustainable Income
  • Monthly Purchases Requirements
  • You Pay to Terminate

8 thoughts on “Is It Works! Global a Scam? – It Works! Global MLM Review”

  1. If you ever have to pay to receive commissions, there is something wrong going on that you do not want to be a part of.

    I found the story behind It Works! Global really nice, how they went from paychecks to paying off debt.

    Although after reading the rest of this review and seeing their business practices, I have a different connotation towards their business now.

    Thank you for keeping people informed about things like these and letting them know what they might be getting into.


  2. Great write-up of It Works! Global.

    I think I’ll steer clear of this one. I personally HATE auto-ship, for the reasons some of the complaints stated.

    It can be a way to siphon off more money from you after you decide to quit and can lead up to force you to close down your CC.

    I agree that blogging or affiliate marketing is a much better way to invest your time. I looked at Wealthy Affiliate, personally, and they have an option to open an account for free.

    I didn’t see a limit to how long the free account lasts, do you know?


    • Hi, Steve,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to test out the platform for completely free, and you can stay as a Free/Starter member as long as you wish.

      There is no rush or push on you to upgrade, it’s only up to you.

      I hope this helps!

      Best Wishes,


  3. Thanks for this information was not aware of ‘It Works’.

    I believe that the problem is with the network marketing business model.

    It’s not designed to help people make money or gain financial freedom.

    The system is designed to promote and sell products.

    MLM is profitable for the companies which produce the products, but not for the members who join the business opportunity.

    • HI, Satz,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I totally agree with you and that’s why the statistic data in the MLM distributors’ earnings is so sad.

  4. Wow, I definitely stay away from this company …!

    At first, it looked great, this couple who want to make a better living, but when I look at the complaints and I see that there is even a cancellation fee which they do not tell you about, alarms begin to sound.

    You would think that the owners would “get it”, having started where many others still are, but instead, their company seems to take money from people even without their consent.

    This auto-delivery sounds fishy and their phones disconnected? It Works, yes, sure, for the owners, I suppose.

    Maybe you can make some money as a representative, but paying 50 dollars to quit is not worth even starting with them. It does not seem honest.


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