Is Farmasi a Scam? – Worthwile Opportunity or Another Pyramid Scheme? [Honest Review]

Hey, and welcome to my Farmasi Review! Farmasi is one of the cosmetic companies that have a business opportunity attached. Is this a worthwhile opportunity or Is Farmasi a Scam?

This is going to be the main question of this post. I have made all the research about this company so you don’t have to.

You don’t need to endlessly browse the internet trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle about Farmasi.

If you read this review until the end, you’ve got everything you want to know in one place.

So, let’s waste no more time and get right into the facts right now!

Farmasi OverviewIs Farmasi a Scam? - The Logo

Full Name: Farmasi

Type: MLM Business Opportunity

Farmasi Official Website:

Founder: Dr. Cevdet Tuna

Year of Establishment: 2010

Price to Join: $19.95

Recommended? No

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What is Farmasi?

The company first started as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Turkey back in the 1950s.

But as time passed, the business evolved into cosmetics manufacturing.

In 2010, Farmasi started to use a multi-level marketing business model to sell its products in 20+ countries around the globe.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Farmasi Global Presence

Who is the Founder?Is Farmasi a Scam? - The Founder

Dr. Cevdet Tuna is a Turkish man who created Farmasi, as well as the product formulations for the company.

He was born in a large family and all his brothers and sister were keen on education.

Dr. Tuna graduated from Goethe Medical School in Germany and returned to his home city to dedicate himself to serving his country.

What is Farmasi’s Financial Situation?

Farmasi has been quite stable in the last couple of years. As you can see from the image below, they have registered a constant $200 mln in revenue throughout 2015-2017.

Then, in 2018, Farmasi managed to make a jump in growth to $240 mln in revenue, and they continued to grow in 2019 too.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Financial Situation


That’s a good sign, and it means that Farmasi is definitely doing something right.

This is not the case of those MLMs that are registering negative financial indicators (like, for example, Zija International MLM).

What Are Farmasi Products?

Farmasi has an extensive line of Beauty, Personal Care, Households, and Wellness products, as well as accessories product categories.

There are more than 2 000 items in total.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - The Products


Farmasi products are marketed as natural and manufactured in an ecological environment.

They have their own land where they grow cosmetics manufacturing plants which are located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Farmasi has all sort of certificates that ensures the quality of the products and certain standards (like GMP, Halal Certificate, ISO, and many others).

What I like about this part is that when you open up those certificates, you can see that these are looking as real certificates need to look like.

Not as weird certificates you can find at Enagic Kangen Water MLM.

Farmasi’s best selling product is 3D Effect Mascara.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Best Seller

Are Farmasi Products Worth Their Price?

Farmasi is proud of the fact that they do not outsource any part of the production process and that’s why their prices are so cheap.

For example, most of their make-up products like lipsticks, mascara, foundations, or face creams are priced under $20.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Affordable Price


They are also marketed as being Non-GMO, gluten-free, free from all sorts of chemicals like parabens, dyes, SLS, etc.

They are also proud of the fact that their products are vegan and not tested on animals.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Are Their Products Really Safe?


While these are all great things, in essence, still, as a Farmasi business representative, you’ll have to be very careful when recommending one product or another to your customer.

Because not all products will have the same effect or impact on every person.

What I mean by that is you’ll need to go very in-depth about what type of skin your customer has and even doing so can’t prevent you from some instances of having displeased customers.

On top of that, it seems like Farmasi products are not that natural and safe as they are marketed.

For example, their Dr. C Tuna Calendula Face Cream for sensitive skin contains some of the ingredients that aren’t safe to use.

Here’s what a customer is saying on Amazon:


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Some of the Ingredients Aren't Safe Enough


I’m not a cosmetologist and I don’t even have sensitive skin, so I can’t tell you straightforward what ingredients this person is talking about.

But one thing is for sure – if you decide to sell Farmasi products (or any other cosmetic products out there), you’ll need to study carefully all those ingredients so that you can recommend the best product for your customer.

And again, as I have already said earlier, even this is not a guarantee for you that your customer will be 100% satisfied.

This is one of the shortcomings of being involved in the selling of health and wellness products.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Not the Best Quality Products

How Much Does it Cost to Join Farmasi?

When you join Farmasi for the purpose of taking advantage of their business opportunity, they’ll call you their Beauty Influencer.

This lets you participate in their Compensation plan and earn commissions.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Farmasi Accounts


There’s a one time $19.95 fee and this includes your basic starter kit (containing some of the product samples, marketing brochures, color booklet, etc.), as well as your personal link which you can share with your customers so they can buy from you.

Upon registration, there are also other product kits that you can purchase for $49, $125, or $200 but these are optional.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Farmasi Kits


Alright, they are telling that the other kits are optional to make you believe that you don’t need to spend that much of money to get started with Farmasi.

But in essence, if you plan to sell those products, how do you think you are able to do that without having those products at your fingertips?

Normally, when it comes to make-up and skincare products, people want to see them first, and maybe even try them out before they decide to make a purchase.

It all comes down to the natural necessity to taste and feel, or choose the right color, which is not possible if you don’t have the products to show.

How to Make Money With Farmasi?

Becoming a Farmasi Beauty Influencer has its own perks.

For example, you get access to their wholesale prices which means 50% off for all your personal purchases.

Thus, there’s an opportunity for you to earn 50% commissions on every sale you make.

In order to become active, you’ll need to reach $125 in wholesale (or $250 in retail sales) in personal volume (PV).

Also, when you start inviting new people in your Farmasi business whom you’ll teach to do exactly the same things as you do, you’ll earn 30$ for every new entrepreneur that you sponsor.

If you like the video-based content more, here’s an in-depth breakdown of Farmasi’s compensation plan:


Does Farmasi Allow You to Use the Internet to Build Your Business?

Yes, they do.

Upon registration, they’ll give you your personal Farmasi replicated website.

What this means is that your Farmasi website will look like this:

Visually, it will look like the websites of many other Farmasi distributors who’ve signed up before you.

So, you’ll need to think carefully about how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

It will be difficult unless you think about learning how to build your own beauty website to help promote the products.

If you bear with me till the end of this post, I’ll show you how you can do that EASILY and for FREE!

Is Farmasi Legitimate?

Farmasi is one of the most legit MLM companies I’ve seen.

I like the fact that they are being transparent about how much money you can make with them (more about this in the next section of this review).

However, Farmasi is not a member of the Direct Selling Association and is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.

Perhaps, this is due to the fact that their operation as an MLM is still pretty new.

Can You Make Money With Farmasi?

Farmasi’s official income disclaimer does suggest that the amount of money that you could potentially earn with them is around $500-$2000 per year.

This sounds realistic with a company like Farmasi.

Given the fact that the majority of their products are priced around $12-$20 each, even with a 50% commissions, imagine how many products you’ll need to sell in order to earn decent money.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Income Disclaimer


To earn that income, you’ll inevitably need to have sales skills developed as well as to be a great leader to build a team.

If you don’t have those skills, of course, you can work on developing them but this, obviously, may take some time.

And even with the best positive scenario, I guess you can do Farmasi only as a part-time job as it’s unlikely possible to build a full-time income with Farmasi.

The Good and The Bad


#1. Cheap Products

The good part about this MLM is that they have quite affordable prices. This should make the selling process easier for you.

Some of the other cosmetic MLMs I have reviewed on this website have a way to higher pricing policy.

#2. No Minimum Monthly Orders

In order to keep your status active, you don’t need to purchase products on a monthly basis. It’s enough to place an order just once, every 6 months.

Some of the MLM companies are going crazy about making a requirement for their distributors to buy large amounts of products every month.

#3. Most of the Customers Love Farmasi Products

Farmasi is one of the few MLMs that receives so little customer complaints.

On the BBB website, they have only 7 customer complaints which are so low if compared to, for example, Monat business.

These complaints concern, for the most part, their customer service. But when it comes to Farmasi products, the majority of their customers love Farmasi products.

#4. No Lawsuits

I was amazed to find out that Farmasi has actually managed to avoid the bad reputation of being sued in a court.

Again, maybe that’s due to the fact that Farmasi is still a very young MLM.

Among the MLM companies with the most scandalous class-action lawsuit are Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Nu Skin, Usana.


#1. Low Income Potential

According to Farmasi estimations, the maximum amount of money you can earn with them is up to $2K.

Of course, it’s possible to earn more but you’ll need to be an exceptional leader to build your downline.

#2. Poor Customer Service

From all the reviews I’ve read about this company, it seems like Farmasi’s marketing team needs a crash course in customer service.

Here’s just one of them:


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Poor Customer Service


And another one here:


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Poor Customer Service 2


Unfortunately, these aren’t the only ones and you still can find plenty if you do a simple search.

How do you think, will your customers want to make orders from Farmasi if this is how they treat their business?

This is Farmasi business but if you decide to grow YOUR business through Farmasi, there’s no guarantee that people who buy from you will not experience the same poor customer service as described in these reviews.

#3. Not BBB Accredited

In their over 10 years of operation as an MLM company, Farmasi didn’t manage to receive a BBB accreditation.

Moreover, they’re currently having an F rating which is one of the poorest.


Is Farmasi a Scam? - Not BBB Accredited

My Final Opinion About Farmasi + A Better Alternative

It turned to be that Farmasi is one of the few more or less good MLMs. They offer the highest payouts in the industry.

Although there’s room for improvement for them when it comes to customer service, at least they are being honest with you as to how much you can make with them.

Still, to make money with Farmasi, you have to be good at selling and recruiting new members.

I know a lot of people don’t like to do those things. Most probably, this is one of the reasons why MLMs have so low success rates.

The good news is that there are other, better ways to make money which are free to start.

With these methods, you don’t need to sell stuff to people or convince them to join your business opportunity.

I suggest looking into blogging and making money through affiliate marketing.

If this sounds appealing to you but you don’t where to start, don’t worry! There’s an awesome affiliate marketing training program that you can start TODAY for FREE!

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to build a successful business online: lots of marketing tools, like keyword research tool, affiliate programs research tool, 24/7 unlimited support, and even website hosting is included.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and now, you’ve got your answer to the question: Is Farmasi a Scam?

If you have any questions about Farmasi, or you have another money-making opportunity and want me to review it, please leave a comment in the respective section down below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, if you know people who might be interested to learn more about Farmasi, please share this post with them. I’ll appreciate that!

Alright, keep yourself out of trouble, and I will talk to you within my next post very soon!

Best Wishes,


Farmasi MLM






Business Opportunity



  • Cheap Products
  • No Monthly Orders
  • No Lawsuits


  • Low Income Potential
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Not BBB Accredited

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  1. Hey,

    Excellent review of Farmasi, and really well organised. I’ve never heard of this company before but after reading your review, I would definitely not buy into it. The fact that you say they are one of the most legit MLM companies still makes me uncomfortable. I have tried a few MLM companies (some very expensive ones) that I am still paying back loans for. I was very naive when I joined them.

    Any MLM company would not attract me anymore, and I would not recommend any of them to anyone. Just like you have here very comprehensively.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


  2. Thank you for such an indepth review of Farmasi. I’ve been involved with a similar mlm company some years ago, and found it very hard to recruit and build a downline. You are so right that using the website provided to build your business is hard as you have to be unique to stand out! I completely agree that blogging is by far the best alternative for building a successful online business:)


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